5 Things You Should Know About Brinjal Farming In India

5 Things You Should Know About Brinjal Farming In India

When it comes to brinjal farming, you need a broad-minded approach and think of every possible solution that could enhance the profit. Syngenta brinjal seeds in India have been giving great results to all the farmers across the nation. However, there’s more to brinjal farming and to understand that fully, you need to read this article that gives you full information about this profitable crop.

As the title suggests, we have broken down the farming techniques into 5 different steps. They will be:-

1# Cost

2# Production

3# Time

4# Income

5# Profit


To make these steps more applicable and easy let’s suppose we have 1 acre of land for farming. First things first, you have to buy the seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers, and will also have to prime the land for yield.

We recommend you always choose hybrid seeds to get the best results and in this case, let’s go with VNR 212 variety. For planting sapling in a 1-acre land, you will require approximately 200gm seeds. The cost of 10gm of this variety is 120Rs.

The next task is to prepare the land that includes the painstaking work of tilling the land and weeding. And since we reckoning the overall cost, we are also involving the charges for transplanting the sapling into the field, harvesting, and transport.

Land Preparation – 3000Rs

Organic Fertilizer – 4500Rs

Chemical Fertilizer – 3000Rs

Pesticides – 6500Rs

Micronutrient – 1,500Rs

Transport Cost – 5,000Rs

If you plan to deploy the drip irrigation system or mulching paper, then the cost will be increased by 22,000 to 25,000. If not, the cost will be around 38,000Rs.


After determining the cost, it is time to focus on the production. At first, you prepare a nursery of the brinjal plants. Post the transplantation of nursery plants into the field, it takes around 45 to 50 days to see the fruits.

Lack of care or deficiency of pesticides could hamper the growth, but if everything is well done, then you can a gross yield of 150 Quintal. We are using the term “gross” because even after using the pesticides, some plants get infected and we could see some destroyed plants or fruits.

Therefore, let’s take the net quantity of production as 125 Quintal.


In order to have a flourishing nursery of brinjal, you need to choose the right time and you should choose the following months based on the season.

Rainy Season Crop – February to March

Summer Season Crop – June to July

Winter Season Crop – December

It could take 35 to 40 days to get the nursery fully grown. After 60 to 70 days of transplanting the saplings into the field, the harvesting begins and it could take 2.5 to 3 months.

In total, you’ll have to spend 5.5 to 6 months in 1 Acre of brinjal farming.


Going forward with our estimate of 125quintal production, let’s try to calculate the overall income.

In an established vegetable market, you could get 20 or 25Rs/kg, but we’re taking the minimum price here. So let’s assume that you’re selling brinjal at the cost of 12Rs/kg.

125,00x12 = 1,50,000Rs


To calculate the exact profit, let’s minus the cost first.

1,50,000 – 38,000 = 1,12,000

Profit%: 1,12,000x100/38,000 = 296%

You can also watch the video to get a tutorial about brinjal farming in 1Acre land - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSwSD9IMyj4



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