Ace the production of Chilli with the best quality seeds

Green Chilly or Chilly is one of the most important ingredients of kitchen. It can be fried, roasted, fermented, pickled or sprinkled over various dishes for adding a spicy tinge. It is also called pepper and belongs to the Solanaceae family. There are over thirty species of chilli which are found in various colors, sizes and degree of spiciness. Across the globe, it is a part of every cuisine and consumed in very region in this world.

Integral part of every cuisine

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This makes the sale of Chilli Seeds Online very high and it is growing every day since the agriculture apps are reaching every farmer. The pungency of chilli depends on substance like capsaicinoids and capsaicin. The overall production of green chilli was 34.5 million worldwide in the 2016. Chilli is a capsicum fruit which has been part of human diet since 7,500 BC, it is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world.

Origin of chilli has been traced in Mexico around 6,000 years ago and it is also noted for being one of the first self-pollinating crops. In India, it was introduced by the Portuguese around 15th century, before that, black pepper was used in Indian cuisines. We also happened to be the biggest producer and exporter of black pepper. However, green chilli is now extensively used in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines.

High consumption, massive production

Massive sales of chilli seeds online in India prove that its consumption is very high in our kitchens as well. Christopher Columbus was one of the first Europeans who came across this fruit and named it “pepper”. It is consumed in every part of this country in different varieties, in north India, it is mostly used for pickles which are also called ‘achaar’. It is widely used for breakfast snacks as well in the form of pakoras.

In the state of Rajasthan in India, people make ‘mirchiwada’, which is a stuffed and fried snack of green chilli. Farm Key is the best place where you can buy chilli seeds online, it provides the best brands such as nunhems, devsena, golden hot, clause, syngenta and seminis. There is a large variety of chilli and each one of them is used for varied purpose, some are used for only making pickles, some for fries and some in curries.

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