Are agricultural apps feasible for Indian farmers?

Use of technology is not new to Indian farming, we have been seeing tractors and various irrigation facilities deployed in fields for years. Genetically modified seeds, fertilizers and pesticides have also made inroads into rural farming areas in India. To make this technology more accessible to farmers, we now have agriculture apps. It was impossible a few years ago, but with the outreach of internet and smartphones, it is now possible for Indian farmers to access latest technology.

Bringing technology into Indian fields

In terms of agriculture, technology has a vast applicability. It is not only limited to tools and equipments, but it more with the material that farmers use, the most essential being seeds. Online seed shopping is the new niche emerging in India, it is an inkling that e-commerce is now reaching every domain and region. With this, agriculture gets a boost that it always wanted. Given the significance of farming in this country, it is a trailblazing move that would take our Indian farmers way ahead.

Farm key is a farm app that makes every new technology available to our farmers. It has taken the onus of making the most valuable products available to our farmers easily. It lets them order what exactly they want at a much affordable price compared to what they pay to the retailers on shops. It is time for our farmers to cease to be an underprivileged community and come out as proud catalysts of economy.

Better products, broadened supply chain

That is the vision of this platform and to make it possible, it has made its application technically and logistically perfect. Farm key has tied up with the top manufacturers & suppliers of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, it has broadened and streamlined its supply chain management to reach farmers at the most distant places. This is an attempt to make our farmers gain profits through their produce.

With Farm key, Indian farmers will be accessing a broad range of world-class products that are available to farmers across the globe. It brings them at par with their global counterparts and gives them better options. Farming is an industrious job and its underwhelming results greatly impact the farmers’ pockets and morale. Therefore, this app ensures that the result of farming is always up to the mark.

Making Indian farmers happy & affluent

It raises the hope for the utopian dream of Indian agriculture where every farmer is satisfied with his work and earning. The condition of Indian farmers has worsened in past few years. We have heard and read that farmers had to commit suicides only because they were not able to pay the debts. Government has tried to alleviate the pain of our farmers by waiving their loans, but unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution.

Farmkey is the solution which empowers our farmers and empowers them to rise against all odds. It makes them self-dependent and invulnerable to fluctuations in market. With Farm key, Indian farming would evolve into a highly-optimized and profit-yielding occupation. It would strengthen them to take bolder steps in future and bring affluence in the fields which is desperately needed by every farmer.