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Nematodes – especially root-knot nematodes – cause great damage in vegetable fields, greenhouses and vegetable crops in home gardens. Root-knot nematodes are a subtle roundworm that can break the roots of some plant species and can lay their eggs inside the roots.

Many spring-bearing vegetables such as beet, carrots, peas, potatoes, radish, and other vegetables are susceptible to root-knot nematodes. Nematodes are almost inactive at low temperatures and with increasing temperatures, their activity increases. If the temperature is above 30 ° C then it is suitable for nematodes.  Vegetables can be widespread damaged after planting in late spring and summer, other common vegetables grown during the mid-late summer, such as tomatoes, black pepper, cucumber, squash and eggplant.

Root Knot Nematod
Root KInot Nematode

Plants growing in nematode-infected soils are usually indistinguishable, rustic, yellowish, and are bile and decay. Plants with infected roots are more sensitive to other diseases due to fungal and bacteria and stop early production. Root-knot nematode problems can be detected by checking the roots of rooted knots and vegetables, through harvesting or soil assay.

The crop loss due to these nematodes can be greatly reduced by using the control method.

Crop Rotation

Crop cycle is one of the oldest and most economical methods of controlling nematodes

Resistant varieties

Many vegetable seeds and varieties are resistant to root-knot nematodes and will also produce a good crop in the presence of nematodes. Effectiveness increases when the crop cycle is resistant.

Biological Control-

Nematofree- Nematofree is a fungus which penetrates the body of the Nematodes and starts taking nutrition from the body of Nematodes. Apart from that this fungus also secrete few enzymes which are poisonous for the eggs of Nematode

Chemical Control

Bayer Velum prime – Bayer Velum prime has the active ingredient Fluopyram (Pyridinylethylbenzamide)  500 g/l. it effectively controls the Root Knot Nematodes, Lesion nematode and Spiral nematode. Its recommended does is 250 ml/Acre.  It has to be applied in soil using drenching method


Farming is not widely considered a wealth-generating occupation. But it could give you high monetary benefits if you do it smartly. And to do it smartly, you need to get hold of farming material that will increase the yield and its quality as well. Earlier, farmers had to go through painstaking and time-consuming processes to make manure and get the seeds ready for sowing. Today, it is not that hard as technology has made farming simpler.

Technology energizing agriculture

Various types of tools, fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds already have made agriculture easier than before. Now with the help mobile app technology and e-commerce, these farming products can easily reach farmers. In India as well, it is now possible for farmers to order what exactly they want at a very cheaper price. Moreover, they get all those privileges that are enjoyed by the e-commerce consumers.

Farm key is an agriculture app which gets our farmers all the advantages of e-commerce, when they do Buy online seed shopping. Using this farm app, they can get the products easily delivered at their doorsteps and they pay for it in cash. Just like the other e-commerce platforms offer, they would be able to return the product if they don’t find it worthy. It would make farming and their lives easier with better results.

Giving every advantage of E-commerce

Better results in farming also gets you better prices in the market. That’s why, using the online platforms for getting seeds, fertilizers and pesticides is a much better option now. First, they give you access to a much bigger number of products with plenty of choices in terms of price and variety. Secondly, it saves a great deal of time which had to spend visiting the nearby towns and cities to get those products.

And lastly, they get all the advantages that customers of e-commerce giants get such as free shipping, cash on delivery and hassle-free returns. This app has ensured that Indian farmers get convenient user-experience. It has also ensured that get hands on world-class farming products and brands like Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden, Clause. All these brands of seeds make sure speedy and quality growth of yield.

Making Indian farmers stronger

With such brands and quality products by their side, our farmers would definitely gain advantages they never imagined. They would be able to benefit greatly in the market as they get will great quality and quantity produce. Farm key would embolden our farmers to ask for better price for their efforts. Indian agriculture would see a new evolution with this app and it would make the income of our farmers far better than now.

Farm key is the gateway for our farmers to reach the level in their farming which they always desire. This app would give a straight path to follow, with which, they will be able to get the best outcome. This outcome will augment their earning in every manner and make their lives better. The motto of this app is to make the footing of Indian farmers better than ever, it is an endeavor to make them self-dependent and affluent.