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Every time when a farmer sows the seeds into his fields, he expects to reap a satisfactory yield from it. And to make that real, various material and equipment are required that farmers have to collect on their own.

Earlier, it was very difficult for farmers as they had to travel to big towns to collect them. But now, with the help of agriculture apps, they can order everything on their own using their smartphone.

Bringing advantage into farming

These apps have not only made our farmers lives simple, but have helped them gain advantages in terms of better yield and prices in the market.With the help of farm apps, farmers are now able to get hold of world-class agricultural products.

Farm key is one such app, which is encouraging our farmers for online seed shopping and spreading awareness about its benefits.

With this app, it is now possible for Indian farmers to get whatever they want, in terms of what vegetable or cereals they want produce and how much they want to pay for it.

This app gives them a wide array of farming products from which they can choose and get them delivered at their home. Farm key makes farming possible at minimum cost and makes it more profit-yielding for farmers.

Helping farmers accomplish goals

Farming is a job that requires hard-work and patience, to accomplish the goals of farmers, you also need the best quality of seeds alongwith fertilizers and pesticides.Farm key makes it all available on the fingertips of Indian farmers.

Through this app, it would now be possible for our farmers to gain advantages they could never think of. It empowers them to fulfill their dreams of getting significant prices in the market.

Farmkey has come up with solutions that make the job of our farmers very easy with lots of products and options. This app aims to bring convenience into their life, it makes them familiar online shopping with products that they are familiar with.

This app brings great benefits into Indian agriculture along with results that will exceed the expectations of Indian farmers.

Benefitting farmers in every way

Our farmers will be greatly benefited with this app because it brings everything to them on their doorsteps. In case they’re not satisfied with the product, they can also return the product and get their money back.

It would bring a whole new level of convenience in farming and would give them high price irrespective of what they produce. Farm key would bring the level of production way higher than it is right now.

Farm key is not just an app, it is an endeavor to bring technology, high productivity and efficiency in the Indian fields. This app will bring an upheaval in the earning and lifestyle of our farmers.

With this app, our farmers would be able to expect higher prices from their crops.

It would enable them to farm on their own and cease their dependency on banks and other sources of getting loans.


In the era of e-commerce where you can buy literally everything online, how could agriculture lag behind? It is the most primitive occupation of mankind which has now evolved and become a part of our digitalized world. Agriculture apps have surfaced and making the jobs of farmers (especially Indian farmers) very easy. It is truly trailblazing for Indian agriculture as our farmers had always gone through painstaking ways for getting hold of necessary equipments and material.

Equipping our farmers with technology

Farmkey is a noble initiative to equip our farmers with latest technology that is utilized to make highly fertile seeds, effective pesticides, fertilizers and robust tools. This app has been streamlined to give the most optimum results to our farmers. It has garnered the best quality products for them and makes them available at the most reasonable price. With this app, our farmers will definitely have an upper hand at every stage of farming.

farmkeyonlie seeds

For getting a satisfactory yield after months of toiling, farmers need to use good-quality material now. Particularly for Indian farmers, it is very difficult to purchase these goods from faraway stores. Therefore, Farmkey makes all those necessary farming material accessible to them at their fingertips, on their doorsteps. Farmkey has worked out a broader network of supply chain which would make it reach every farmer from the farthest corners of India


At the fingertips, on the doorsteps

In India, almost every crop is produced including cereals, vegetables, fruits and flowers. This country is not only a great producer but also an exporter of various food products. To maintain this status and excel in production, we need to empower our farmers with the best products. Farmkey is an endeavor to embolden our farmers and enhance the growth of crops nationwide. This is the most useful agriculture app for our farmers which doesn’t only provide goods, but connects with them.

This app provides a way to our farmers to rise against all odds, it enables to forget all the hardships with decent crop that they can celebrate. It would help them cope up with all the monetary challenges that they face in this country. As we have often seen and heard farmers either committing suicide or launching precisions with demands of loan waiver. In this way, this Farmkey resolves a longstanding issue that has pestered the whole nation.

Download it right now

Empowered farmers mean empowered economy and that vision is possible through this farming app. It encourages online seed shopping with best results to our farmers and gives them many other products with which they can upheave their growth alongwith the crops’. Farmkey puts an industrious effort to bring our farmers on the same page with their rest of global counterparts. This app will make our farmers an affluent community, it would turn agriculture from the last resort for villagers into a coveted occupation.



Farming is not easy job, not only in terms of physical labor but also in planning and methods. Today, farming can be done easily with the help of several things such as genetically modified seeds, innocuous pesticides and fecund fertilizers. These things have enabled our farmers to take the field and emerge with flying colors against all odds. However, a large number of Indian farmers are still devoid of these benefits.

There are a few reasons why Indian farmers are lagging behind their offshore counterparts.

Lack of Infrastructure

This is the biggest reason why Indian farmers have to suffer great ordeals and all their efforts go in vain when it comes to quantity or quality of harvest. Most of the Indian villages do not have proper roads or buildings. For farmers, it becomes very difficult to commute uptown to get the things they require. Also, in villages, it is hard to get all the things they need for farming such as a large variety of seeds, fertilizers or pesticides.

Lack of connectivity

Another big downer for farmers is the lack of connectivity in terms of telecommunications and internet. The situation is getting better with many villages getting internet and phone connectivity now. However, there is still large section of rural turf untouched by phone or internet connectivity. And if the internet reaches a village, it is not really up to the mark and people can be found complaining about sporadicity.

Lack of awareness

Caused by the aforementioned points, this is the most basic reason why our farmers suffer greatly. The scarcity of road and internet connectivity in villages has taken a toll on our farming as well. Most of the farmers in our villages are not aware of technology that concerns them. They are not aware of the new methods and techniques of farming that could reduce their efforts and give them better results.

Farmkey- A solution to all issues

Farmkey is a platform which gives solutions to all those issues faced by farmers today. This app provides 100% certified products at a very reasonable price and it would work even in those areas where internet connectivity is low or intermittent. For all these features, Farmkey is an app that is recommended to every farmer in India. This app gives them access to one of the biggest brands of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers at a reasonable price.

We all know that e-commerce has made things available at cheaper price with scalable number of choices. Farmkey has taken the onus of bringing the most reliable and cheapest products to our farmers. This Agriculture app is a gateway to Indian farmers to connect with an emerging market and enhance their productivity effortlessly. Farmkey brings advantages and happiness to our farmers with an approach to empower them.


Agriculture is oldest occupation of mankind and it is still the most essential thing for our survival. Given its importance, many studies and experiments carried out in order to optimize the results of farming. As science & technology progressed, it also made groundbreaking inventions for farmers in terms of tools and methods of farming. Today, we all see tractors and various other agricultural equipment that reduce the toil of our farmers.

Equipping Indian farmers with technology

For those who are unbeknownst of technological advancements in agriculture, there is a plethora of fascinating equipments, seeds, pesticides and fertilizers to explore. It is a different sphere of science that is evolving and becoming more beneficial day by day. In developed countries such US and UK, farmers have several modern equipments which help them in every stage of farming.

seeds online shopping

 In India, with extending reach of mobile and internet network, it is now possible for farmers to get their hands on advanced technology at their fingertips. Leveraging this fact, Farmkey introduces a platform that is dedicated to provide the best technology to our farmers through its website and mobile app. Farmkey has a vast collection of seeds, equipments, fertilizers and pesticides which would make our farmers’ job easy and enhance their harvest in terms of quantity and quality as well.

Addressing the need of every farmer

Farmkey has studied and reviewed the needs of our farmers, it relates to the pain of our farmers when it comes to losses they bear because of low produce due to various reasons. It has also taken the geographical diversity of country into account and funneled its products so the farmers all over India could get the benefits. Moreover, Farmkey makes it easily accessible to mobile app which can work in remotest areas with lowest signals.

Farming is a long process which takes months and many a times, the efforts of farmers wash away due to several odd reasons. Apart from the rare untimely rains, the quality of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides affect the outcome of agriculture the most. Therefore, it is must that our farmers become aware of facilities provided to them. Farmkey is an endeavor taken to simplify farming and make it highly-productive.

Bringing everything at farmers’ fingertips

Besides seeds and pesticides, irrigation tools are big help in farming today, especially, when you have acres of land. The connectivity of natural and artificial canals is not up to the mark in India. Therefore, farmers have to deploy powerful water pumps and sprayers for making farmers’ job easy in India. Farmkey also makes various irrigation tools available for our farmers that would make their job fairly convenient.

With great variety of farming utilities, Farmkey Agriculture App will strengthen the footing of our farmers. This app is developed to give our farmers exposure to innovative products which would enhance the result of their efforts. Farmkey makes an effort to reach the farmers of our country in the remotest locations and facilitate them with the best technology has to offer for them.


India has always been an agrarian economy and agriculture would also be a mainstay for this country. Our beloved former Prime Minister gave a slogan of “Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisan” and articulated the significance of farming for this country. With time, science & technology produced innovative methods of irrigation and farming, making it easier for farmers across the globe. Today, our farmers can access the best tools, seeds, and methods to optimize their harvest.

With great range of farming products

Pesticides and fertilizers are probably the most widely known terms related to farming in general. However, when it comes to technology in farming, the list goes on from equipments to methods and seeds. Now, with wider reach of cellular & internet network in rural areas, it has become even easier for our farmers to access the tools or techniques they require for farming.

Farmkey is a government certified farming solutions provider which has a great range of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, farm equipment at a very cheaper price. The aim of Farmkey is to provide the best of technology that is offered to our farmers today. The services are available through our website and mobile app both making it more convenient for every farmer to access.

Making it easy for our farmers

With Farmkey Agriculture app, it would be very easy for farmers to shop for what they exactly want. It would be delivered on their doors at the earliest. India is a diverse country and it can also be seen in our fields. In every state, priority is given to different to vegetables and cereals according to the variety of soil and other factors such as weather. Keeping that in mind, we have the biggest collection of items in each category we serve.

Farming is not as easy as it seems, it depends on various external factors. In India, farmers have to protect their fields from pests, made the land more fecund with fertilizers and to counteract all kinds of perils they need to use genetically modified seeds as well. Also for better irrigation, powerful sprayers and other tools are needed. Farmkey provides all these facilities which they pick choose and get delivered at their finger tips.

The best service for Indian Farmers

Farmkey has made sure that our friends in field do not run out of options. Therefore, we have a broad of array of products for them to choose, in terms of brands, price and quantity. On this app, farmers will be able to shop what they want with absolutely no hassles. The mobile app and website have been optimized to give the best e-commerce experience to our farmers. The UX/UI specifications have been refined to give the best view of products.

Farmkey app would also run in the areas where there are constant issues with network. We understand that there are many areas where connectivity is a big issue and considering that we have developed this app in a manner that it works with the least connectivity. Farmkey is the true friend of Indian farmer, it is going to make the best products available in the market easily accessible for our farmers.