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How can you produce good yield if you do it without good-quality seeds? Good quality seed is absolutely necessary for farming and it is the most pivotal thing for agriculture. Therefore, farmers’ focus on getting quality seeds is more than on any other material used for farming. No matter what you are sowing, it could be a fruit, vegetable or flower as well, whatever you grow, it is necessary to do it with best in quality seeds.

Delivering quality always

Farm Key is an app which enables our farmers to do that easily, affordably and in an efficient manner. It gives you the most renowned and trustworthy brands that have earned a name for themselves by supplying quality products for years. East West is one such brand which has never disappointed farmers, whatever they make and supply, goes well with Indian fields and gives our farmers potential benefits.

East West hybrid seeds give you the option to create the vegetables, fruits or flowers that are best in quality and get you highest price in markets. With these seeds, you can imagine a field full of prosperity which is only thriving and becoming bigger. Every time you use this brand, you the same results which are simply outstanding. They are not just products but a boon for farmers, with them, Indian agriculture is in safe hands.

Endeavor for better farming

You can easily buy east west seeds online through Farm Key which is another endeavor to make farming a better occupation in every way. The results of their seeds are so impressive that you cannot help buying them for even a small-scale plantation at home. With these seeds, it is very easy to become farmer for anyone, you can grow your own plants in the garden and get wholesome vegetables for your entire family.

For farmers who manage acres of land, this particular brand is equally effective and that’s why it always remains in high demand. Now you can do east west seeds online shopping easily with Farm Key and there will be only benefits and advantages for you. This brand enables all our farmers to go a step beyond the norms and grow something extraordinary which stuns everyone and gets them awesome prices in the markets.

Enhancing growth of farmers

Buy east west seeds from this app, ensure sprawling growth of your crop and staggering increase in your earnings. This app lets you the best quality seeds at the most affordable prices and the inclusion of best brands like East West is an example for it. Farm Key has been developed and launched so that Indian farmers can enhance their growth and become highest earners rather than being greatest sufferers of the country.

Farm Key is the app which makes it possible for you at any cost, this is an agriculture app which is dedicated to the growth of our farmers. It doesn’t compromise on any ground and makes everything go in favor of Indian farmers. If the farmers of this country get stronger, it would also reflect in the overall development of our country. With this app, it would be possible for our farmers to assure profits and ease in every stage of farming.


It is very important to choose a quality brand when it comes to buying seeds online especially for large-scale farming, because your yield and income depend on the quality of those seeds. That’s why Farm Key, brings the most reliable brands who scientifically process and manufacture seeds in the laboratories and only after testing them multiple times, make it available for sale on this platform, which makes them extremely reliable.

Ensuring unstinted growth

On Farm Key agriculture app, you can golden vegetable seeds at a very reasonable price and its usage will take the quality and quantity of the produce to the next level. Indian farmers have already started purchasing good quality seeds online and this app makes this experience better than ever. Using this app, farmers can ensure that their growth is not stunted by any noxious products which often cause heavy losses to them.

For ensuring better yield and higher incomes, using Farm Key is the best solution. Not only this, they can put the best efforts by using this particular platform which gives them a vast array of products. Each of these products is tested on fields and their results have been confirmed. This app allows our farmers to choose the best and makes the use of avant-garde technology to reach every participant in Indian agriculture.

Authentic and reliable brand

Advanta golden seeds are the best in quality and the result of their use has turned out to be very beneficial. Our farmers can gain unprecedented benefits through this app, it gives them every option to augment earning and make every harvest lucrative. This app ensures that the results of all efforts that farmers put into their fields don’t go in vain. It gives our farmers the best options to choose from and makes them earn to the most.

To see its impact on your fields, buy golden seeds online India from Farm Key. It is the best way for farmers to ensure that they get only the best and the products show their effect on the fields at the earliest. Advanta & Golden, this particular brand has been serving Indian farmers with products that are best in quality. The disposition of their products on fields has been immensely useful for a large number of farmers.

Do it with the best app

Buying golden seeds online India is not difficult at all and it is even easier and greatly profitable with Farm Key. Each and every product on this app is 100% authentic and gives you surety of qualitative results. These results become edgier and attainable with this app as it gives all-encompassing services to our farmers. With better yield, comes greater results which subsequently eke out higher earning, providing better lifestyle.

Farm Key is indeed the key for our farmers to get all the advantages underlying in this time-consuming and highly profitable occupation. Buy Advanta seeds online India and make sure that you grow crop that exceed your expectations in every way. Use this app and make it possible, it would not just make our farmers’ lives better but would take Indian agriculture to a whole new level which has not been imagined yet.



Tomato is essential to every kitchen in the world, it is one vegetable that is used in every cuisine and consumed in every manner. It is eaten raw in salads, used for sauces, used for curries, side dish and sautéed dishes. Though we use it as a vegetable, tomato is actually a fruit and classified as berry of the nightshade Solanum lycopersicum family. With all these unique attributes, tomato is not just a vegetable but a part of human culture.

Assuring 100% positive results

Related imageGrowing this vegetable is not a difficult task, tomato seeds online shopping could be done easily with the help of agriculture apps. You can obtain good quality seeds from the suppliers who are known for providing them across the nation. In India, you can get these seeds from the best suppliers such as UPL, Syngenta, Seminis, Rasi, Chiranjeevi, Ayushman and Ashutosh.

Buy tomato seeds online from Farm Key and be rest assured about good yield. This app ensures that you seeds which are scientifically processed and give 100% positive results. Using this app, you can make sure that the produce of your field is always more than just satisfactory. It is the aim of this agriculture app and it has been doing this for quite some time now. It has now become the no.1 provider of seeds everywhere in India.

Part of every cuisine

Farm Key gives you a great experience to buy tomato seeds and the results are simply astonishing in every way. The vegetable was originated in western South America and it travelled to Mexico and the rest of Europe through Spanish colonization of the America. From there, it was introduced to the entire world European and British colonization. Wherever it reached, it became an indispensable part of the cuisine instantly.

With the help of genetic engineering, the seeds of tomatoes have been highly modified and made suitable for longer shelf life. There are varieties mainly two varieties of this vegetable available in Indian markets. The ones those are deeply reddish in color and other ones with yellowish tinge. The latter is comparatively tangier than the former and is also a bit costlier, both of the varieties are equally valued because of their features.

Grow it with best seeds

If you want to get tomato seeds online, then get it from Farm Key which makes the best suppliers available on its app. You can grow the top quality tomatoes in your field or orchard and get great value in the markets. Tomatoes are consumed throughout the year and they can be used in almost every dish. In Spain, there is a festival dedicated to this vegetable called “La Tomatina”, as mentioned earlier, it is also a part of our culture.

Farmkey makes every effort to get you the best seeds at the most reasonable price and the material provided on this app have been used by many farmers who have seen the results. If you want to be a successful farmer, then this app is your true companion and it would make you reach the zenith of this occupation. Using this agriculture app, you can get hold of the farming material that is scientifically approved for best results.


Today, farming is easiest than ever with the science and technology which has made it much more adaptable. Buy agriculture products online and make your farming easier with world-class farming material that assures better harvest with higher prices in market. These apps make farming so easy that anyone can adapt it as hobby and turn it into profession as it will actually give out significant profits.

Making benefits reach every farmer

Farm key is a mobile app which promotes agriculture product online shopping and helps Indian farmers access biotechnology invented for their benefits.  This is an app which takes making the benefits reach the farmers very seriously and it makes every possible effort to achieve it. This app aims to turn farming into a profitable and ever-green occupation, for our farmers, this platform would surely be a boon.

Finding agriculture products online is not big deal anymore, but making them reach distant places where most of our farmers live is a considerable task. This platform has resolved this issue with massive network that reaches out to our farmers far and wide. This app makes everything possible with a large number of choices gives for each category of products i.e. seeds, pesticides and fertilizers.

Putting farmers in a better state

Agriculture product online shopping in India is now easier with the advent of e-commerce into farming. It has paved a way for the farming material to reach our farmers at a very reasonable price which was otherwise not possible. The motto of this app is make every farmer across the country aware of the advantage he/she can get out of it. With this app, it is now possible for them grow better and earn higher.

Online shopping for agricultural products in India has now become very simple with this app. It has made online shopping for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides easier as compared to various other apps offering the same service. With this app, it is now very easy to get hold of farming material and have them delivered to your home alongwith benefits like money back guarantee, free shipping and cash on delivery.

Get the best suppliers here

This app has brought together some of the finest agriculture suppliers of India such as Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause. They have been giving the best quality seeds for the farmers across the country and now, Farm Key makes their products easily available over the app at a very reasonable price. This app begins a new chapter in Indian agriculture with many benefits.

Buy quality seeds online in India from Farm Key and make yourself a rich farmer as this app gives you opportunity to earn heftily. This platform gives every farmer a chance to enhance their earning and lead a successful life. It enables them to get the best out of technology in every manner and make use of it in the most prolific manner. This app helps our farmers achieve what they have always dreamt of.



For most people, farming is believed to be a tiresome occupation which generates less income and takes much more toiling. For the most part, it has actually been true for many farmers, but this notion could be fundamentally changed if farming is done tactically. The end-result of farming is outcome of months of hardwork and patience, and if the yield disappoints you, then it is the worst thing that a farmer could think of.

Saving efforts & money of farmers

Thanks to modern science, we now have ways to assure that the yield will not be spoilt and the efforts will not be nullified. We now have advanced technology stepped into agriculture in the form of implements, scientifically processed seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. These things have helped farmers enhance the productivity and profit both to a bigger margin. However, in India, it has been difficult for the farmers to get hold of such material.

Even if they are available in the market, farmers have to pay a hefty price to acquire them. And they also have to travel to distant places to get tools, fertilizers, seeds and pesticides. But now, their struggle to get good farming products has come to an end with the advent of agriculture apps. E-commerce has become an integral part of urban lifestyle, but the same cannot be said people living in rural areas.

Multiplying production & earning both

There are multiple reasons behind this, apart from the issues of reaching distant places, e-commerce platform also didn’t offer the most essential thing to the farmers. And this is what, Farm key has achieved in doing. It is a farm app which reaches fairly distant places to make things available which are necessary for our farmers. This platform will make our farmers familiar with online shopping for agricultural products in India and disburse its profits to them.

Farm key makes the most authentic and reliable brands available to farmers at a very reasonable price. This app is dedicated to Indian farmers and it puts every effort to make their lives simpler. With this app, farmers will be able to multiply their production and augment the earning. It gives you access to seed brands that have always resulted well for our farmers such as Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro and Nunhems.

Ensuring success to farmers

These are the most trusted brands for Indian farmers and Farm key ensures that they get access to all such brands. Moreover, you can order with a wide choice of prices and variety. Farmers can opt for all types of seasonal vegetable or an evergreen cereal. Whatever they want will be available on this app and they will get it delivered at a very cheaper price at their doorsteps. They will be able to pay in cash upon the delivery.

Farm key is indeed a boon to Indian agriculture as it takes the level of farming way ahead. This app gives all the advantages to farmers that they should get, it brings ease and gains into their lives. It gives them plenty of options to choose from which they can’t get in any physical store. This app would make farming simpler, efficient and cost-effective for every Indian farmer.


For a farmer, every harvest is precious as it is his primary source of earning. Therefore, our farmers need to be very careful when choosing the seeds and other material needed for farming. Many adulterated products make their way into markets and retailers do not give a second thought before selling those faulty products to innocent farmers. The result is forborne by farmers who suffer losses due to spoilt harvest.

Forwarding privileges to farmers

That’s why, it is now time to empower Indian farmers with the privilege to choose the best products at their convenience. Thankfully, e-commerce has made its way into agriculture and now giving options to farmers to choose what they want for their fields. It is the perfect to come up with such an initiative as internet and smartphones are reaching the farthest regions of our country.

Farmers are now getting familiar with technology and agriculture apps would fulfill their most basic need. It is indeed a great effort which is going to be very fruitful for our farmers. With the same motto, Farm key has introduced it farm app, which works for the benefit of Indian farmers. This mobile app would enable them to get hold of the best farming material with limitless choices of variety, brands and prices.

World-class farming products

Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause are some of the best brands which provide quality seeds across the nation. Farm key lets our farmers to choose from these reliable brands, it would save them from buying the fraudulent products which cause heavy losses to them. In addition to that, it would provide all those products at their home, which means they won’t have to spend money on travel which they do for collecting farming material.

E-commerce has emerged as a phenomenon which is getting bigger day by day. Farm key ensures that all the advantages that consumers get from the e-commerce platforms are accessible to farmers as well. The most basic services are cash on delivery, hassle-free returns and free shipping, all of these amenities will be enjoyed by our farmers no matter how far they reside.

Multiplying profits of farmers

This app has tried to take the combination of technology and agriculture a level further. It focuses on making agriculture products online and its results more achievable for our farmers. Using this app, farmers will be able to get the finest quality seeds, pesticides and fertilizers at the most economical price. Moreover, they would get all the privileges that a regular online shopper enjoys.

Farmkey is not just an app, it is an endeavor to make farming more profitable and adaptable. It is an effort to make our farmers earn more with greater yields in terms of quantity and quality both. With this app, Indian farmers will be able to multiply their income manifold. It would open the doors to many opportunities that farmers have been missing due to unsatisfactory yield and lesser profits.


Farming could be a great source of earning if it is done smartly. Not only farming the right crop is important, doing it rightly is the most important thing. And to achieve that, you need not only tools, but also the appropriate material which ensure great yield in terms of quantity and quality both. Once you have got good produce, then only you can expect handsome price in the market.

World-class brands of seeds

With the help of agriculture apps, it is now easier to acquire the best farming material at a very reasonable price. Farm key is a farm app using which you can get seeds, fertilizers and pesticides of the best quality without going through the pain of looking for specialty stores for them.

brands of seedsIt makes online seed shopping very easy for anyone who wants to grow smartly and wants to earn heftily through farming.There is a wide variety of brands that you can find on this app, they have provided the best quality seeds for vegetables and cereals to our farmers for very long. Some of them are Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause.

These are the best brands in India that can provide you lab tested and processed genetically modified seeds. Genetically modified seeds are the new breed of seeds that have modified genes which are very helpful for farming.

Reliable and result-oriented

These seeds are not only good for high production, they are also impervious to pests which often cause harm. With the help of these high-value brands, your fields would yield bigger produce and bring greater income for you. The scientific branches such as micro-biology and bio-technology have invented various things for agriculture with which, farmers have got benefitted.

The aim of Farm key is to bring all those advantages right to our farmers without inflicting any hefty costs to them. This vision has enabled this platform to expand with no limitations. With this platform, farmers will be able to raise their income exponentially. Indian farmers will have nothing have to worry about as long as they keep using the world-class quality products.

For the welfare of Indian farmers

It is very essential that our farmers get material which is impeccable and reliable. With such quality of seeds, the farming would be multiple times better than today. This app will make sure that this happens and it creates a resounding environment with which every single farmer could be benefitted. Different seeds are available for different cereals and vegetables, farmers can select according to their choice and budget.

Farm key is an app which has been developed for the overall welfare of Indian farming community. It gives them passage to all those products which can enhance productivity and give them better prices in the market. This platform takes care of our farmers with products that are not only vital but also prolific for farming. With this app, it is now possible to imagine a future in which, farmers will rejoice.


Use of technology is not new to Indian farming, we have been seeing tractors and various irrigation facilities deployed in fields for years. Genetically modified seeds, fertilizers and pesticides have also made inroads into rural farming areas in India. To make this technology more accessible to farmers, we now have agriculture apps. It was impossible a few years ago, but with the outreach of internet and smartphones, it is now possible for Indian farmers to access latest technology.

Bringing technology into Indian fields

In terms of agriculture, technology has a vast applicability. It is not only limited to tools and equipments, but it more with the material that farmers use, the most essential being seeds. Online seed shopping is the new niche emerging in India, it is an inkling that e-commerce is now reaching every domain and region. With this, agriculture gets a boost that it always wanted. Given the significance of farming in this country, it is a trailblazing move that would take our Indian farmers way ahead.

Farm key is a farm app that makes every new technology available to our farmers. It has taken the onus of making the most valuable products available to our farmers easily. It lets them order what exactly they want at a much affordable price compared to what they pay to the retailers on shops. It is time for our farmers to cease to be an underprivileged community and come out as proud catalysts of economy.

Better products, broadened supply chain

That is the vision of this platform and to make it possible, it has made its application technically and logistically perfect. Farm key has tied up with the top manufacturers & suppliers of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, it has broadened and streamlined its supply chain management to reach farmers at the most distant places. This is an attempt to make our farmers gain profits through their produce.

With Farm key, Indian farmers will be accessing a broad range of world-class products that are available to farmers across the globe. It brings them at par with their global counterparts and gives them better options. Farming is an industrious job and its underwhelming results greatly impact the farmers’ pockets and morale. Therefore, this app ensures that the result of farming is always up to the mark.

Making Indian farmers happy & affluent

It raises the hope for the utopian dream of Indian agriculture where every farmer is satisfied with his work and earning. The condition of Indian farmers has worsened in past few years. We have heard and read that farmers had to commit suicides only because they were not able to pay the debts. Government has tried to alleviate the pain of our farmers by waiving their loans, but unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution.

Farmkey is the solution which empowers our farmers and empowers them to rise against all odds. It makes them self-dependent and invulnerable to fluctuations in market. With Farm key, Indian farming would evolve into a highly-optimized and profit-yielding occupation. It would strengthen them to take bolder steps in future and bring affluence in the fields which is desperately needed by every farmer.


There are many things available today for making agriculture easier such as fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. But for Indian farmers, it had not been easy to get hold of these materials. Given the distant places, where farms are mostly situated in India, farmers find it difficult to go cities and get the premium farming products. But, it is now possible as the internet connectivity has reached faraway places as well giving a room for agriculture apps to make inroads into rural India.

Initiative to improve farming

Farm key is an initiative for Indian farmers which would help them get the most useful and reliable products delivered on their doorsteps without having them step out of their homes or fields. This app has been ingeniously designed so that our farmers find it easy to browse among several products. It also gives them option to optimize the search and get the filtered products as per their budget or liking.

With an agriculture app like Farm key, farmers would get their hands on the world-class products are internationally recognized for their quality. The result would be seen in their yield which would be better in every manner. Every year, a significant quantum of crops gets destroyed due to pests and poor quality of seeds. This app ensures that our farmers get only but the best. With a huge collection that gives them everything, they can be rest-assured about their harvest.

Reaching out every single Indian farmer

It is not just an app but a revolution which has been set out now to reach every single farmer in the farmost regions in India. Farm key makes sure that our farmers get exposed to the material that has been used by the farmers across the globe. There have been instances that our farmers have received unadulterated farming products that didn’t give those desired results. On the contrary, those products did a massive harm to their fields.

Therefore, Farm key ensures that the best quality product reaches our farmers. Indian farmers already suffer a lot because of shortage of funds to support farming. The structure of agriculture in India needs meticulous working so our farmers could be benefitted on large scale. Farm loan waivers may give a temporary relief but they again get snared into the endless cycle of debts year after year.

Giving our farmers what they deserve

This app is an attempt to give support to our farmers so that they could earn handsomely from the crop. With this app, farmers can become self-dependent and even affluent as they would get impressive rates in the market from a qualitative and quantitative produce. It would give them relief as they would get the price they deserve from the local vendors. This app is the inkling of the rise of Indian farmers.

Farm key stands for Indian farmers and gives them everything they want at a very base price. With this app, the upheaval in Indian agriculture is assured. It would enable them to stand with pride and ask for their rights which they often get mischievously devoid of. It is an endeavor which bring would our farmers to a respectable stand as they have always been overlooked despite their significance to economy.


Indian farmers have been devoid of basic needs such electricity, roads and education for very long. After 70 years of independence, Indian government has been able to provide these essentials to a fairly large number of areas. However, there are many villages do without the basics. Even then, our farmers have been able to cope up with what they get. It is now the time to change all this and turn the tide towards Indian agriculture.

Leveraging road and internet connectivity

agriculture app

With the expansion of road and internet connectivity, our farmers have now access to smartphones with which they can become a part of globalization. However, they still need support when it comes to their occupation, farming. Realizing the need of the hour, Farmkey has introduced its agriculture app which can be easily used by our farmers to order seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and equipments online.

Farm key has thoroughly understood the needs of our farmers and made this app easily accessible even in areas with feeble network. Just like any other e-commerce platform, Farmkey would also deliver the products to farmers to their doorsteps without any delivery charge. This app makes farming extremely easy with a whole range of products scientifically processed in laboratories and optimized to give best results to farmers.

Bringing modern science to Indian farmers

Modern science has made its mark in every sphere and agriculture has received its lot in the form of genetically modified seeds, highly productive fertilizers and effective pesticides. Farm key brings all these high-end farming products right among our farmers at a very basic price.

online seeds

Farming is effectively done when high quality of material is used alongwith equipments that enable farmers to cover a larger expanse of land.Even in old times, farmers used various techniques to have widespread channels of irrigation with several types of manure prepared with miscellaneous items in a very sophisticated manner.

With the scientific revolution, farming became easier with heavy-duty vehicles, tools and ingredients such as seeds and fertilizers. Everywhere across the globe, farmers got equipped with modern technology much earlier than India’s.


Empowering them with best products

But now, Indian farmers can also get hold of the same technology that is available for the farmers of most developed nations such as US or UK. Farmkey brings all these products to our farmers and ensures that they get the best service. The biggest giants in e-commerce have their reach in big and small cities only. Farm key has taken the remoteness of agricultural areas into account and expanded its chain of delivery.

Farm key has made itself available in the farthest regions of India. It has made sure that no farmer gets devoid of the benefits provided by this platform. Using this platform, Indian farmers will get their hands on the best products available in markets without moving out of their homes. This is a farming-oriented e-commerce platform which our farmers on the same page with online seed shopping across the globe.