Easy and Essential Tips to Grow Tomatoes

Easy and Essential Tips to Grow Tomatoes

Tomato is one of the widely used vegetables in the world. People have them in a salad, cooked vegetables, sauce, soups, and more. Most gravies used vegetables are prepared by grinding tomatoes! Pulses and biryani cannot be imagined without tomatoes! In straight words, the world of cooking is nothing without tomatoes! There are many people who want to grow tomatoes in their backyard. So, if you have planned to grow tomatoes in your farm or backyard garden, Farm Key brings some easy and essential tips that you must follow. You will find these tips useful if you are new to farming and agriculture.

Find the Right Place
Find the right place is the first and important step! You need to select the place where your tomato plants get proper sunlight as it is essential for plant growth. You need to choose a location where plants can get proper sunlight from 8-10 hours a day.

Choose the Right-Size Pots

The size of pots matters! The plant tomatoes require many nutrients therefore it becomes important pots contain enough amount of soil. Keep in mind that you need to increase the nutrition of soil as plants grow. You can use the biodegradable waste of the kitchen to manage that or put earthworms or peels of eggs in pots to manage soil fertility.  

Quality Seeds
You must have quality tomato seeds to grow tomatoes! You have many options here like you can draw seeds from tomatoes or can get them from a local nursery or order them online. You will be needing paper cups initially for plants! Put paper cups in pots at depth of one inch, put some soil, then plant seeds, and then put some soil again! Now it is time to sprinkle water daily for some days! After some days, you will see small plants there. Once they reached the height of one inch, remove them from cups and plant them in pots. Make sure that a pot contains one plant only to ensure maximum production of tomatoes.

Routine Care of Plants
Routine care of plants is the most important part of quality tomatoes! Keep in mind that as the plant grows, they will need support other they will crouch due to the weight of tomatoes! You can give support to them with the help of a stick! Dig a stick in the opposite direction of the plant in each pot and tie the plant with a stick for optimum support. Make sure that the root doesn’t get hurt while digging the stick. You need to make sure that the soil must be a little moist.