Indian farmers have been devoid of basic needs such electricity, roads and education for very long. After 70 years of independence, Indian government has been able to provide these essentials to a fairly large number of areas. However, there are many villages do without the basics. Even then, our farmers have been able to cope up with what they get. It is now the time to change all this and turn the tide towards Indian agriculture.

Leveraging road and internet connectivity

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With the expansion of road and internet connectivity, our farmers have now access to smartphones with which they can become a part of globalization. However, they still need support when it comes to their occupation, farming. Realizing the need of the hour, Farmkey has introduced its agriculture app which can be easily used by our farmers to order seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and equipments online.

Farm key has thoroughly understood the needs of our farmers and made this app easily accessible even in areas with feeble network. Just like any other e-commerce platform, Farmkey would also deliver the products to farmers to their doorsteps without any delivery charge. This app makes farming extremely easy with a whole range of products scientifically processed in laboratories and optimized to give best results to farmers.


Bringing modern science to Indian farmers

Modern science has made its mark in every sphere and agriculture has received its lot in the form of genetically modified seeds, highly productive fertilizers and effective pesticides. Farm key brings all these high-end farming products right among our farmers at a very basic price.

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Farming is effectively done when high quality of material is used alongwith equipments that enable farmers to cover a larger expanse of land.Even in old times, farmers used various techniques to have widespread channels of irrigation with several types of manure prepared with miscellaneous items in a very sophisticated manner.

With the scientific revolution, farming became easier with heavy-duty vehicles, tools and ingredients such as seeds and fertilizers. Everywhere across the globe, farmers got equipped with modern technology much earlier than India’s.


Empowering them with best products

But now, Indian farmers can also get hold of the same technology that is available for the farmers of most developed nations such as US or UK. Farmkey brings all these products to our farmers and ensures that they get the best service. The biggest giants in e-commerce have their reach in big and small cities only. Farm key has taken the remoteness of agricultural areas into account and expanded its chain of delivery.

Farm key has made itself available in the farthest regions of India. It has made sure that no farmer gets devoid of the benefits provided by this platform. Using this platform, Indian farmers will get their hands on the best products available in markets without moving out of their homes. This is a farming-oriented e-commerce platform which our farmers on the same page with online seed shopping across the globe.