Farming is not easy job, not only in terms of physical labor but also in planning and methods. Today, farming can be done easily with the help of several things such as genetically modified seeds, innocuous pesticides and fecund fertilizers. These things have enabled our farmers to take the field and emerge with flying colors against all odds. However, a large number of Indian farmers are still devoid of these benefits.

There are a few reasons why Indian farmers are lagging behind their offshore counterparts.

Lack of Infrastructure

This is the biggest reason why Indian farmers have to suffer great ordeals and all their efforts go in vain when it comes to quantity or quality of harvest. Most of the Indian villages do not have proper roads or buildings. For farmers, it becomes very difficult to commute uptown to get the things they require. Also, in villages, it is hard to get all the things they need for farming such as a large variety of seeds, fertilizers or pesticides.

Lack of connectivity

Another big downer for farmers is the lack of connectivity in terms of telecommunications and internet. The situation is getting better with many villages getting internet and phone connectivity now. However, there is still large section of rural turf untouched by phone or internet connectivity. And if the internet reaches a village, it is not really up to the mark and people can be found complaining about sporadicity.

Lack of awareness

Caused by the aforementioned points, this is the most basic reason why our farmers suffer greatly. The scarcity of road and internet connectivity in villages has taken a toll on our farming as well. Most of the farmers in our villages are not aware of technology that concerns them. They are not aware of the new methods and techniques of farming that could reduce their efforts and give them better results.

Farmkey- A solution to all issues

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