For centuries, India has held the status of a great agrarian land which has endowed the whole world with precious spices and condiments. Even today, we continue to become one of the largest producers and exporters in many spices, cereals and vegetables. But, the current condition of Indian farmers doesn’t suit our glorious past. Today, farmers have to go through many hardships to get their hands on essentials.

Reaching out to farmers of every region

This is a sheer misfortune for our farmers and shows the incongruity of the plans and policies of our government. However, the advent of technology in rural areas has emerged as a silver lining for farmers. Leveraging this, agriculture apps have come into the picture for easing the job of our farmers. With the help of these apps, Indian farmers are getting familiar with online seed shopping and able to choose the best for them.

Farm key is one such platform that reaches out to farmers of every region in India with a broad collection of scientifically processed seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and equipments. Its aim is to empower our farmers with the best products on which farmers of every developed nation has access to. Our farmers have had to bear expenses and hardships to get the quality seeds and fertilizers from far-off places.

Getting our farmers what they need

This app makes it possible for our farmers to get whatever they want while sitting at their homes or tilling in the fields. That too, without any delivery charge and with the facility to pay at the time of delivery and also to return the product if doesn’t meet their requirements. Farming is a multi-stage process which takes months to come into fruition. During this entire process, it is important to take care of each and every thing.

That’s why, Farm key gives our farmers everything which helps from the beginning till the end. We all understand the basics of planting a tree which expands a little with farming. It starts with tilling the land and sprinkling seeds onto it alongwith the fertilizers which help seeds shoot into saplings faster. The next phase comes when sapling have to be saved from pest using the pesticides.

Bringing amenities into Indian agriculture

And the last phase, when we have a full-fledged crop which is ready to harvest. All this while, you need proper irrigation facilities to water the land sufficiently. Earlier, farmers had to inseminate the lands according to proximity of rains because of the lack of irrigation facilities. Thanks to extended network of dams and canals in India, farmers can now sow seeds anytime in the year and begin farming.

To help them more, there are heavy-duty water pumps and sprayers which make their job easy. Farmkey provides all the products which help farmers in increasing their efficiency and getting a great produce. With this app, farmers can envision a great future full of profits and no debts. This app is aimed at bringing the utopia into Indian agriculture with enhanced results and faster growth of our farmers.