Agriculture is oldest occupation of mankind and it is still the most essential thing for our survival. Given its importance, many studies and experiments carried out in order to optimize the results of farming. As science & technology progressed, it also made groundbreaking inventions for farmers in terms of tools and methods of farming. Today, we all see tractors and various other agricultural equipment that reduce the toil of our farmers.

Equipping Indian farmers with technology

For those who are unbeknownst of technological advancements in agriculture, there is a plethora of fascinating equipments, seeds, pesticides and fertilizers to explore. It is a different sphere of science that is evolving and becoming more beneficial day by day. In developed countries such US and UK, farmers have several modern equipments which help them in every stage of farming.

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 In India, with extending reach of mobile and internet network, it is now possible for farmers to get their hands on advanced technology at their fingertips. Leveraging this fact, Farmkey introduces a platform that is dedicated to provide the best technology to our farmers through its website and mobile app. Farmkey has a vast collection of seeds, equipments, fertilizers and pesticides which would make our farmers’ job easy and enhance their harvest in terms of quantity and quality as well.

Addressing the need of every farmer

Farmkey has studied and reviewed the needs of our farmers, it relates to the pain of our farmers when it comes to losses they bear because of low produce due to various reasons. It has also taken the geographical diversity of country into account and funneled its products so the farmers all over India could get the benefits. Moreover, Farmkey makes it easily accessible to mobile app which can work in remotest areas with lowest signals.

Farming is a long process which takes months and many a times, the efforts of farmers wash away due to several odd reasons. Apart from the rare untimely rains, the quality of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides affect the outcome of agriculture the most. Therefore, it is must that our farmers become aware of facilities provided to them. Farmkey is an endeavor taken to simplify farming and make it highly-productive.

Bringing everything at farmers’ fingertips

Besides seeds and pesticides, irrigation tools are big help in farming today, especially, when you have acres of land. The connectivity of natural and artificial canals is not up to the mark in India. Therefore, farmers have to deploy powerful water pumps and sprayers for making farmers’ job easy in India. Farmkey also makes various irrigation tools available for our farmers that would make their job fairly convenient.

With great variety of farming utilities, Farmkey Agriculture App will strengthen the footing of our farmers. This app is developed to give our farmers exposure to innovative products which would enhance the result of their efforts. Farmkey makes an effort to reach the farmers of our country in the remotest locations and facilitate them with the best technology has to offer for them.