Farmkey is an e-commerce platform dedicated to Indian farmers. This agriculture app gives them a great range of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and farm equipments.  Today, farmers need a lot of things in order to cultivate and produce decent yield. Growing pollution and industrialization has taken a toll on agriculture leaving the land less-fertile and crops vulnerable to pests. Therefore, farmers have to use the best quality farming material and equipments to get satisfactory results.

A solution to multiple issues

Therefore, Farmkey makes the best quality farming material available on its mobile app and website. This expansion of e-commerce is very beneficial for our Indian farmers. It gives them a great deal of choices and also connects them to an expanding chain of this niche market. With the help of Farmkey, farmers from every nook and corner of the country will be able to get their hands on the best products available in the market.

It has enhanced their reach on top-quality agrarian material and ceased their dependency on brick and mortar retail stores that gave them limited options. They also had to travel to distant places for accessing those stores many a times as there’s a dearth of specialty stores selling agrarian products. In this manner, Farmkey resolves not only one but multiple issues for Indian farmers.

Focused on needs of farmers

This app has been developed keeping in mind that it would be viewed by farmers. The interface alongwith every tiny aspect of the app has been developed in a way that the farmers do not have any issues navigating. It gives them separate sections for different products with filters for price and brands which would optimize the search for farmers. Like every other shopping app, Farmkey has focused on customer experience profoundly.

There is a large diversity in agriculture of India. Different lands have fertility for different crops, some are good for vegetables and others are suited for cereals or flowers. Therefore, Farmkey provides all types of seeds alongwith pesticides and fertilizers suited for them. Since we have compromised with nature on account of development, repercussions have been snowballed in many ways.

Farmkey for well-being of farmers

Today, it is impossible to grow a full-fledged crop spanning even a few square yards without fertilizers, pesticides and processed seeds. Therefore, the burden of farmers has been doubled with the price they have to pay for these items. However, the increasing network e-commerce is making their job easy with a wide array of options. With the help of Farmkey, farmers will be able to sift through a great collection of products.

Farmkey is a platform which has been created for well-being of farmers. It doesn’t only sell them products but connects with them. This app would work with least connectivity as we are familiar with the feeble internet and cellular network in rural areas of India. It is an attempt to bring our farmers on the same page with the rest of the world. Download Farmkey app and see how things would change for you.