Make every harvest its best with Farm key

For a farmer, every harvest is precious as it is his primary source of earning. Therefore, our farmers need to be very careful when choosing the seeds and other material needed for farming. Many adulterated products make their way into markets and retailers do not give a second thought before selling those faulty products to innocent farmers. The result is forborne by farmers who suffer losses due to spoilt harvest.

Forwarding privileges to farmers

That’s why, it is now time to empower Indian farmers with the privilege to choose the best products at their convenience. Thankfully, e-commerce has made its way into agriculture and now giving options to farmers to choose what they want for their fields. It is the perfect to come up with such an initiative as internet and smartphones are reaching the farthest regions of our country.

Farmers are now getting familiar with technology and agriculture apps would fulfill their most basic need. It is indeed a great effort which is going to be very fruitful for our farmers. With the same motto, Farm key has introduced it farm app, which works for the benefit of Indian farmers. This mobile app would enable them to get hold of the best farming material with limitless choices of variety, brands and prices.

World-class farming products

Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause are some of the best brands which provide quality seeds across the nation. Farm key lets our farmers to choose from these reliable brands, it would save them from buying the fraudulent products which cause heavy losses to them. In addition to that, it would provide all those products at their home, which means they won’t have to spend money on travel which they do for collecting farming material.

E-commerce has emerged as a phenomenon which is getting bigger day by day. Farm key ensures that all the advantages that consumers get from the e-commerce platforms are accessible to farmers as well. The most basic services are cash on delivery, hassle-free returns and free shipping, all of these amenities will be enjoyed by our farmers no matter how far they reside.

Multiplying profits of farmers

This app has tried to take the combination of technology and agriculture a level further. It focuses on making agriculture products online and its results more achievable for our farmers. Using this app, farmers will be able to get the finest quality seeds, pesticides and fertilizers at the most economical price. Moreover, they would get all the privileges that a regular online shopper enjoys.

Farmkey is not just an app, it is an endeavor to make farming more profitable and adaptable. It is an effort to make our farmers earn more with greater yields in terms of quantity and quality both. With this app, Indian farmers will be able to multiply their income manifold. It would open the doors to many opportunities that farmers have been missing due to unsatisfactory yield and lesser profits.