Agriculture is the most basic and essential thing for us. The next thing required for survival after oxygen and water is food. And that’s why, this is the first thing that human race learnt at the early stage of our evolution. We learnt it and forget it as well, as our evolution progressed and we got exposed to various other aspects of science and technology. As a result, farming became very commonplace and probably the least attractive career option for anyone.

A boon to our Indian farmers

Particularly in India, farmers are considered backward, illiterate and less exposed to technology. However, times are changing and evolution has taken a full circle for our farmers. Today, scientific experiments take place in the field of agriculture, trying to produce innovative methods and things useful for farming such genetically modified seeds, pesticides harmless to crops and fertilizers with capacity to augment yield.

These innovations have made farming very easy and adaptable for everyone. For our farmers who toil in the fields expecting a better produce than last year, it is a boon. Farmkey avails these boons to our Indian farmers at a very affordable price with great variety. Farmkey has made its platform available through mobile app so farmers could easily access it even with least connectivity.

With a new breed of farming ingredients

It is a pioneering attempt to bring technology in the form of completely new breed of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and equipments. Indian farmers would greatly benefit with this app which makes an effort to expose them to products that will increase their productivity by leaps and bounds. Today, technology supports every domain and helps to excel the functioning with more optimized methods and tools.

It is the same in agriculture as well as scientists are coming up with new complete weed control techniques. The quality of seeds is getting better day by day and they are made available at very reasonable rates. Farmkey makes the newest innovations and products accessible to farmers at their fingertips. This is a big revolution for Indian farmers as they had to deal with multiple middlemen to get good-quality seeds.

Online seed shopping made easy


Ordering the farming products through an app would not be only convenient and also very cost-effective for them. Earlier, these products reached them through a long channel of intermediaries which almost doubled the cost. With Farmkey,

Online seed shopping will get encouraged. Farmers would get to use the latest technology without paying extra unnecessarily to the middlemen who took advantage of innocent farmers.

Farmkey is the next generation mobile app which not only deals in unique products but also makes its usage extraordinarily easy. It has gone above & beyond to render the platform easy to use for the farmers. This app provides a great level of user-friendliness alongwith features make browsing of different products extremely easy. This app is next step to embolden our farmers with technology and make them self-dependent with greater yield.


India has always been an agrarian economy and agriculture would also be a mainstay for this country. Our beloved former Prime Minister gave a slogan of “Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisan” and articulated the significance of farming for this country. With time, science & technology produced innovative methods of irrigation and farming, making it easier for farmers across the globe. Today, our farmers can access the best tools, seeds, and methods to optimize their harvest.

With great range of farming products

Pesticides and fertilizers are probably the most widely known terms related to farming in general. However, when it comes to technology in farming, the list goes on from equipments to methods and seeds. Now, with wider reach of cellular & internet network in rural areas, it has become even easier for our farmers to access the tools or techniques they require for farming.

Farmkey is a government certified farming solutions provider which has a great range of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, farm equipment at a very cheaper price. The aim of Farmkey is to provide the best of technology that is offered to our farmers today. The services are available through our website and mobile app both making it more convenient for every farmer to access.

Making it easy for our farmers

With Farmkey Agriculture app, it would be very easy for farmers to shop for what they exactly want. It would be delivered on their doors at the earliest. India is a diverse country and it can also be seen in our fields. In every state, priority is given to different to vegetables and cereals according to the variety of soil and other factors such as weather. Keeping that in mind, we have the biggest collection of items in each category we serve.

Farming is not as easy as it seems, it depends on various external factors. In India, farmers have to protect their fields from pests, made the land more fecund with fertilizers and to counteract all kinds of perils they need to use genetically modified seeds as well. Also for better irrigation, powerful sprayers and other tools are needed. Farmkey provides all these facilities which they pick choose and get delivered at their finger tips.

The best service for Indian Farmers

Farmkey has made sure that our friends in field do not run out of options. Therefore, we have a broad of array of products for them to choose, in terms of brands, price and quantity. On this app, farmers will be able to shop what they want with absolutely no hassles. The mobile app and website have been optimized to give the best e-commerce experience to our farmers. The UX/UI specifications have been refined to give the best view of products.

Farmkey app would also run in the areas where there are constant issues with network. We understand that there are many areas where connectivity is a big issue and considering that we have developed this app in a manner that it works with the least connectivity. Farmkey is the true friend of Indian farmer, it is going to make the best products available in the market easily accessible for our farmers.


Planting material is the important & foremost requirements in the business of farming. In case of vegetables and cereals it is the seed which is used as the planting material. In recent past the liberalization in the seed policy has helped the Indian seed industry enormously. Hundreds of multinational companies are pushing hard in R & D and business development in India. Quality of the seeds has also improved fast & today our farmers are using high yielding world class seeds.


Tomato is the vegetable crop grown in all area of India. Because of its nutritional values and other characteristics it is most favourite vegetable for many people. Tomato is the rich source of Calcium, phosphorous and Vitamin C. It tests sour and has good medicinal properties for removal of acidity

Looking at the increasing demand, farmers can assume the benefits of cultivation of tomato. Taking care of some important things the farming of tomato can be highly profitable for farmers. We will discuss those important practices here by which we can take maximum benefit from the tomato cultivation.

Suitable Climate & land for tomato cultivation.

Climate- Although tomato is the day natural plant and can be grown across world but this crop is sensitive to frost. For sowing 15-20 degree Celsius temperature is most suitable. For growth and fruit setting the temperature may vary from 20-30 degree Celsius.

Soil- Tomato can be grown in variety of the soils but sandy loam & loam soils are the most suitable soils for growing of tomato. Standing water damage the crop so good drainage facility is required in the field.

Land Preparation and Fertilization

Before transplanting of the tomato there should be good land preparation. First ploughing done using MB plough and later two to three ploughings to be done by cultivator.

For the good cultivation of tomato we should apply 200-300 Quintals of FYM per hectare. With the FYM we should also apply 150 Kg Nitrogen, 80 Kg Phosphorous, and 80 Kg potash. Half of the Nitrogen and full of phosphorous and potash need to be applied at the time of field preparation.

Verities– Looking at the commercial viability we advise farmers to grow Hybrid seeds. The companies like Monsanto, Nunhems, Syngenta, Indo American etc are engaged in developing hybrid tomato seeds.  Some of the good verities are Abhilash, Avinash, Abhinav, Shivam etc

Seed Rate– 40-60 Gm seed per acre is sufficient for tomato cultivation.

Nursery Preparation-      Choose the place for the nursery where drainage facility is good, fresh air and sunlight is available. The nursery to be done on minimum 10 centimetre ridge beds which should be 1 meter wide and length can be taken according to situation.

Transplanting- Transplanting done after 25-30 Days of sowing. For the winters season crop nursery done in August and  transplanted in the month of Sept. It will yield the crop in the month of Dec- Jan.

Disease & Pest

There are s as several pest and disease which attack on the tomato crop. Some of them are as follows.

Collar rot, blight, scab are the some diseases which reduces the productivity of the or may completely damage the tomato crop. Suitable fungicides used for the control of these diseases.

Pest- Termite, fruit borer, trips, white flies etc are some of the pest which damages the tomato crop. For the control of these pest in time is must.

We will bring a separate article for the disease and pest control in tomato.