Protect your crop with world’s best pesticides from Farm Key

Pesticides are one of the integral products you need for farming today. A few years back, many farmers had to tolerate the loss of significant amount of yield due to pests. But now, they won’t have bear this anymore, thanks to modern technology, we now have pesticides which help them protect their crop from pesticides. Pesticides are typically chemicals or biological agents that are scientifically processed and created in laboratories.

All-inclusive protection

The word pesticide is a blanket term for a broad range of chemicals that help prevent various types of insects and pests. They are mainly antimicrobial, bactericide, avicide, nematicide, rodenticide, animal repellent, disinfectant,  insect repellent, molluscicide, fungicide and piscicide, herbicides, insecticides and termiticides etc. One which is mostly used by farmers is herbicide which doesn’t let pest feed on and waste the crop.

Apart from the pests, they are also helpful in repelling birds, fish, microbes, mammals nematodes and pathogens that spread diseases and their vectors. They have been very useful in the modern agriculture in saving the farmers from bearing heavy losses. You can buy pesticides online easily from Farm Key which provides the best quality farming material. Not only they are best in quality, they are also available at a cheaper price.

Since the ancient times

Usage of pesticides has been found in early human civilization as well. In oldest Hindu scripture, Rig Veda that is 4000 years old describes the usage of venomous plants as pesticide. In ancient Mesopotamia as well, the usage of sulfur has been discovered which took place nearly 4,500 years ago. With time, the usage increased many more elements got involved such as mercury, lead, and nicotine sulfate from tobacco.

Pesticide online shopping has now enabled Indian farmers to buy the best quality and get them at their doorsteps. There are very popular pesticides and insecticides which are often used in homes as well, some of them are DDT, pyrethrum, chrysanthemum and rotenone. All these substances are found from various sources, DDT is arsenic-based while pyrethrum, chrysanthemum and rotenone are extracted from tropical vegetables.

Best the best pesticide

With their increased usage, pesticide companies India are rising and providing good quality products at cheaper prices to our farmers. Their usage has resulted in massive profits to farmers by saving tons of crops from the pest who destroyed them earlier. This app provides the best quality pesticides to farmers alongwith all the other merits that they expect from online shopping and they can be rest assured about the service.

Buy pesticides online India from Farm key and do not lose your crop to insects and pests. This app provides only those products that are prepared in laboratories under the surveillance of biotechnologists and pharmacists. Our products will give you assured results and you will be able to go a step ahead in your farming. Use FarmKey to get the top-quality products and ensure results that are most favorable for you.