Farming is still the mainstay of Indian economy and making it more profitable for farmers should be an agenda for our government and responsible citizen of this country. With the technological advancements, it is now possible to bring profitability into Indian agriculture. To achieve this dream, Farm key introduces its agriculture app to uplift the earning and lifestyle of our farmers. This app provides them world-class products at the most economical price which they can easily afford.

Reaching farmers across the nation

It is not only an app, but an effort that makes our customers rainmaker for this country and themselves as well. With this app, they will not only be familiar with the emerging niche market of online seed shopping but would also get benefitted with it. Farm key handpicks the best farming material from the companies who have developing apex quality of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

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Modern technology has enabled farmers to ease their job and augment their income. Farm key is the most convenient and user-friendly app with which they would be able to choose what they want. Not only that, they would get the product at their doorstep, without any charges for delivery at the earliest. The first thing that this platform worked on is widening its range to reach out maximum number of farmers in India.

Bringing biotechnology to our farmers

With this approach, Farm key becomes ubiquitous for Indian farmers no matter where they are. After ensuring a widespread supply-chain system, this app manages to get hold of the most prolific farming products. Biotechnology has made the genetic re-engineering of seeds possible and this achievement has turned out to be a miracle for farmers. Genetically modified seeds have enabled farmers to grow a decent crop even with lack of other resources.

To provide this technology available to Indian farmers, Farm key has tied up with the biggest genetically modified seed manufacturing companies in the world. It has not only made these valuable seeds available to our farmers, but has also availed them at a very cheap price. This app works with a motive of bringing our farmers at a level where they have minimum dependency on grants and loan-waivers.

Making Indian farmers self-dependent

It wants to empower our farmers and make them self-dependent. That’s why, Farm key makes its app usable even in the areas where internet reach is dull. With this, the app reaches to maximum number of farmers across the nation and enables them to get the most essential things at cheaper prices. Farm key has been providing quality seeds to farmers in various areas of India and they have got the results in their yield. It now wants the farmers of entire nation to use this platform and earn profits.

Farmkey is an initiative in the Indian agriculture, it makes farming unprecedentedly easy and profitable. No other app has tried to encourage farmers to shop farming products online. This app accomplishes multiple tasks in a go, but most of all, it makes the lives of our farmers easy. As we all know, farming is mostly done in the outer parts of the city or in villages where connectivity to basic amenities is a big issue. Farmkey has worked out on this obstacle and made it possible for farmers to get the best products at home.