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Watermelon is a vine-like flowering plant which originated in West Africa, it belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is divided into two categories which are watermelons and citron melons. It is widely consumed in summer season and used hugely in fruit salads everywhere. The earliest traces of watermelon are found in Ancient Egypt in the Pharaoh tombs. They are mostly found with black seeds and eaten raw without the rind.

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However, there are other varieties available of this fruit without seeds their rind is also edible after cooking. To get the best watermelon seeds buy online from the agriculture app Farm Key which makes the best suppliers available for you. Nunhems, Takii, Maxx, Namdhari, Kohinoor and Madhav are the top suppliers of watermelon in India and they all sell the best quality products that are scientifically processed on this application.

Buy watermelon seeds from this app and you’ll get the crop which would give you great value. It is a plant that grows annually and has long stems that are upto 10 ft tall. Leaves are very hair and get rough when they get old with branching tendrils. Another unique attribute of this fruit its flowers are unisexual with all the styles united into just a single column. The fruits’ shapes vary and the largest ones could go upto 8 inch in diameter.

With health benefits also

Related imageIn India, Watermelon seed online shopping is now very common as it is vastly consumed throughout the country. It is grown in tropical and subtropical areas with temperatures as high as 25 degree Celsius or 77 degree Fahrenheit. With medium levels of nitrogen and pH, it is generally sown in pots under cover and transplanted later into the fields, through this, farmers also save the fruit from various vicious pests.

If you want to get Watermelon seeds buy online from Farm Key only because only this app gives 100% surety of quality products. Using the seeds available on this app ensures that you get nothing but the best and you don’t have to go through all the hassles for saving the crop from pests. Just by using the seeds from this app, you can ensure that your crop gets never destroyed and you even get a wholesome and profitable yield.

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Grafting is a very popular method used by farmers for the prevention of pests in water melon. If you use you the brands suggested in this app, you won’t have to go through all for the plantation of this fruit. As compared to other melons, watermelons have a longer period for growing and it often takes approximately 85 days for the fruit to get mature. Its seeds are also used in Indian cuisine as a condiment in many dishes.

Farm Key makes sure that you get the best watermelon seeds which could help you increase your crop and consequently your profits. It is a seasonal cash crop which has a high value in markets, by growing it you can earn great amount of money. So buy the best watermelon seeds right now from this app and start growing this fruit. By this summer, you will be able to generate huge quantum of yield and money as well.