R.K Hill Queen Radish - 500gm

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Leaf crown Leaves with deeply  serrated margin
First marketable  produce (days) 50-55
Root shape Long cylindrical
Roots colour Pure white without root  hairs
Root length (cm) 35-40
Other features No pithiness even at  over mature. Very tasty  with sweetness.RADISH HILL QUEEN 250G

लीफ क्राउन पत्तियां गहरे दाँतेदार मार्जिन के साथ

पहली विपणन योग्य उपज (दिन) 50-55

जड़ का आकार लंबा बेलनाकार

जड़ों का रंग शुद्ध सफ़ेद बिना जड़ के बाल

जड़ की लंबाई (सेमी) 35-40

अन्य विशेषताएं अधिक परिपक्व होने पर भी कोई सारगर्भितता नहीं। मिठास के साथ बहुत स्वादिष्ट। मूली पहाड़ी रानी 250 ग्राम

  • R.K Hill Queen Radish 

    Radish Seeds - 500 Gm 


    R K SEED FARMS was established by Mr. R. K. Aggarwal in Solan, Himachal Pradesh in 1972. He is having vast experience in Vegetable Seed research, production and marketing. Presently, the company is in the area of production, multiplication, marketing and import & export of vegetable seeds. It has approximately 200 Hybrids, O.P. & Selection varieties developed by R & D of the company. We are dealing in growing, processing, marketing, import and export of allmost all kinds of vegetable crops.
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