Beetroot Action- 10000 Sds

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  • Strong foliage with good disease resistance.
  • Slightly high round roots.
  • Widely adaptedVariety
    अच्छी रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता के साथ मजबूत पत्ते।
    थोड़ी ऊँची गोल जड़ें।
    व्यापक रूप से अनुकूलित विविधता

  • Produced & Packed By Bezo Zaden B V



    Marketed By- 

    Bejo Seeds India Pvt Ltd

    Bangalore 560011

  • Bejo is a leading company in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds. With operations in more than thirty countries, we are an internationally oriented family business.

    Bejo Seeds India Pvt Ltd
    28, 7th Main, Jaya Nagar, 2nd block,
    Bengaluru 560011 India
    Tel/no.: 91-9182740802
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