Blitox (ब्लाइटॉक्स )- 500 gm

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Kind – Fungicide
प्रकार – फफूंदनाशी

Technical – Copper Oxychloride 50% WP
किस्म – कॉपर ओक्षयकलोरिड 50% डब्ल्यू पी

Produced & Mktd By – Tata Rallis
उत्पादक एवं विपणन कर्ता- टाटा रॅलिस

Spray Dose – 1-2 gm/Per Liter Water
छिड़काव – 1-2 ग्राम /प्रति लीटर पानी


Blitox is a 50% WP formulation of Copper Oxychloride, a very effective Fungicide for the control of diseases on field, garden and plantation Crops. Blitox is extensively used on blights of potato andtomato, fruit diseases, mildew of tobacco, vegetables, diseases of coffee, tea etc.


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