Brinjal Pragati - 10gm

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   Fruit Shape --Oval

• Fruit Colour •Purple

• Fruit Bearing  -Cluster

 Fruit Weight -45-50 gm

Calyx -Green and Non spiny 

Early fruiting

फलों का आकार -- अंडाकार

• फलों का रंग • बैंगनी

• फल देना - क्लस्टर

फल का वजन - 45-50 ग्राम

बाह्यदलपुंज - हरा और गैर काँटेदार

जल्दी फलने वाला

  • Made In India
  • About Brand- Sungro has been serving the farming community since four decades by providing them the best quality seeds developed through inculcating the latest technologies & innovations in Research, Production, Processing, Quality Assurance and Marketing.

    Sungro Seeds Private Limited
    (Formerly Sungro Seeds Limited)
    19, Raj Mahal,
    84, Veer Nariman Road,
    Mumbai 400020.
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    • Stylexpo
      MANOJ KUMAR Prajapati

      100 gram mere ko chahie iska Bij

    • Stylexpo
      MANOJ KUMAR Prajapati

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