Mini Angel - 1000 seeds

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Plant- Multi fruit bearing

Fruit length- 14-15 cm

Fruit Thickness- 3-4 cm

Fruit Weight- 130-150 gm

Fruit Shape-  Cylindrical

  • Kind - Cucumber

    Variety - Mini Angel

    Produced & Mktd By - Fito Seeds

    Pack Size - 1000 Seeds



  • About Brand- Emillas Fito is a Spanish multinational, founded in 1880 in Sant Mart? de Proven?als, Barcelona. In these more than 130 years, it has gone from being a small seed company to becoming one of the leading multinationals in the sector of genetic breeding, production and distribution of vegetable and field crop seeds.

    Semillas Fito India Pvt Ltd
    Ambedkar Colony, Yelahanka,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka 560065
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