Nematofree plus - 250 gm

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Soil application - 2 kg /Acre 

Method of application

"Nursery Application: Apply 10 gm. per for nursery soil treatment up to the depth of 20 cm.
Soil Application:  Mix 2-4kg of product with 500 kg of FYM and apply under moist field conditions.
Soil Drenching:  Mix 2-4kg of product in 400 liters of water and drench the soil thoroughly.
Drip irrigation:  The product should be applied @ 5 to 7 gm per 1000 ml of water preferably during morning and evening hours.

Repeat application at 15 days intervals or as required."


  • Technical Name- Nematofree plus

    Formulation- Powder

    Nematofree Plus is a natural and eco-friendly product that helps to protect crops from harmful nematodes. It contains beneficial microorganisms that effectively control nematodes without harming other beneficial insects. 

    The fungus is capable of functioning as a parasite to eggs and females of the root-knot nematode. It forms a network of hyphae that covers the egg mass, penetrates the egg, and starts feeding on the nematodes’s internal content. It also produces an enzyme serine protease that is toxic to nematode eggs and chitinases that weaken the nematode body and leads to cell content leakage from the body and ultimately death of the insect.

    "Effectively controls nematode population in the soil 
    Protects plants from fungal diseases through induced resistance.
    Safe  for natural parasites and predators.
    Environment friendly, non-toxic, and easy to use.
    Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides."

    Recommended Crops - Cereal, Sugarcane, Pulses, Oilseeds, Grapes, Orange, Pomegranate, Pulses, Vegetables, Spices, Cotton, Medicinal & Aromatic plants.

  • About Brand- IPL Biologicals Limited (formerly known as International Panaacea Limited) specialises in biological solutions for agricultural applications. IPL Biologicals has the widest portfolio of more than 50 products in disease and pest management, plant nutrition & health management and soil management.

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