NS 504- 10gm

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This hybrid has been developed to set well in summers also when temperatures are high. The plants are very vigorous, semi-determinate with very bright attractive foliage.

Fruits are flat round with a glossy red colour, weighing 80-90g with good keeping quality. Acidic taste coupled with nematode tolerance and fruit set at high temperatures are significant features of this hybrid.

  • Hybrid type: Determinate Fresh Market-Dual Purpose

    Plant Vigour: Medium

    Maturity: Early

    Shoulder Color: Uniform green

    Fruit weight (g): 85-90

    Fruit shape: Flat round

    Fruit Firmness: Medium

    Disease tolerance: Root-knot nematode

    Remarks: Excellent vigour, wide adaptability, mild acidity, performs well under high temperatures

    Recommended for: India

    Made in India

  • About Brand- Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd., is a Breeder, Producer, Distributor for quality vegetable seeds. Namdhari is committed to development of high quality vegetable varieties with better yield, disease resistance and adaptability to various agro climatic conditions.

    Namdhari Seeds Pvt Ltd
    Uraghalli Village, Bidadi
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