Zaara Cucumber -10gm

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  • Parthenocarpic beit alpha hybrid.
  • Cylindrical, glossy, medium green colour fruits.
  • Semi-multi fruited on main stem.
  • Bears 2-3 fruits per node.
    पार्थेनोकार्पिक बीट अल्फा हाइब्रिड।
    बेलनाकार, चमकदार, मध्यम हरे रंग के फल।
    मुख्य तने पर अर्ध-बहु फलदार।
    प्रति गांठ 2-3 फल लगते हैं।

  • Zaara Cucumber
  • About Brand- In India Enza Zaden has a commercial office and an R&D station in Pune, in the west-central state of Maharashtra. This is known as one of the most important vegetable production regions in India. The breeding efforts in this dry part of India focus on tomatoes.

    Enza Zaden India Pvt. Ltd.
    Marvel Boulevard, Sangria, Office No 301 - 3rd Floor
    N.I.B.M. Road, Mohammadwadi
    Pune ? 411 060
    Maharashtra India
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