Cauliflower is one of the varieties found in Brassicaceae family which also includes cabbage, brussels, sprouts and broccoli. They are one of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world and in India as well. It is better known as ‘Phool Gobhi’ in India and is largely in white color. However, in various parts of the world, it is also available in green, orange and purple color, making it useful for various cuisines.

Difficult to grow, made easy

It is an annual plant whose cultivation dates back to 1st century AD. It is believed to be originated in the island of Cyprus and from there it spread around the world through centuries. You can easily get cauliflower seeds online with the help of agriculture apps. It is also important to get good quality seeds because cauliflower is difficult to grow as compared to cabbage or other vegetables of this family.

This vegetable can also be easily produced in containers such as flats or hotbeds. Winter season is considered to be the best time for producing cauliflower. With cool daytime temperatures and plentiful sun, this vegetable grows well in quantity and quality both. It takes 7 to 12 weeks from transplanting with sandy soils and organic matter. Farm Key enables you to buy cauliflower seeds online at the best prices.

Into every cuisine of the world

If you want good quality cauliflower seeds, buy online from Farm key which gives you access to the brands such as East West, Seminis, Noble etc. Using these brands, Indian farmers can ensure that they grow the best quality cauliflower without worrying about pests. Cauliflower plantation invites a variety of pests like cutworms, aphids, flea beetles and root maggots, the best to protect your harvest is to buy the best seed online.

India is the second highest producer of cauliflower in India with annual production of 8.2 million ton. Alongside the high nutritional value, this vegetable is also preferred for this taste. That’s why, it is part of almost every cuisine of the world, in India, there is a huge variety of curries and sautéed dishes with cauliflower. Cauliflower seeds online shopping can be done easily through Farm Key which provides great variety.

Get the best quality seeds

CauliflowersCauliflower can be cooked in great variety, it can be steamed, fried, boiled, pickled, grilled, roaster or eaten raw. Farmers who grow this vegetable earn great profits, provided, the crop is unaffected by pests. If you buy good quality seeds from a reliable provider, then it would never happen. You would not have to spend money on things like pesticides for ensuring a healthy and profitable crop of cauliflower.
Farm Key is an app which takes care of farmers by making sure they get the best quality seeds and other materials. On this app, you will find nothing but the best and it would make your farming more efficient and lucrative. Shop on this app for seeds and you will be able to earn profits that are unprecedented. For getting vegetable seeds of the best quality, it is the best in India which has been developed only for our farmers.


Cabbage is one of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world and India is the second largest producer of this vegetable after China. It is a cruciferous vegetable of Brassicaceae family which includes many other leafy veggies such cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Due to it wide consumption, cabbage seeds are highly valuable and their demand is quite higher than other vegetables across the globe.

Leafy and multi-colored

In India, we mostly have green colored cabbages but they also come in purple and white color. It is believed to be domesticated before 1000 BC in Europe and became a major part of their cuisine by Middle Ages.
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Cabbage is biennial plant but it is actually grown as an annual crop, which is why, sale of cabbage seeds online is also very high. Average weight of a cabbage ranges from 0.5 to 4 kilograms.

However, if it is grown under sufficient sunlight, its size can be enormous, the heaviest cabbage of the world weighed 62.71 kilograms (138.25 lb).

It is eaten in every part of the world making it a profitable cash crop for every farmer. Today, it is very easy to buy cabbage seeds online through agriculture apps and can easily grow it. When it comes to cooking, this vegetable can be prepared in various forms as well.

In every cuisine worldwide

It can be fermented, pickled, sautéed, braised, stewed, steamed and could also be eaten raw. Cabbage also has great health benefits as it is a source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K as well. With the help of mobile apps, cabbage seeds online shopping can be done easily now with many advantages. This vegetable has evolved over the period of thousands of years and become a part of cuisines worldwide.

Farm Key is a farm app which provides the top quality seeds for cabbages. Syngenta, East West, Seminis, Advanta & Golden and Sungro are some the recommended brands for cabbage seeds. This app provides you all these seeds with various other benefits that you expect to get when you shop online. Cabbages also require different soil type if you want to grow different variant, from lighter sand to heavier clay, anything can be used.

Grow it with best seeds

The most important thing however, is the seed and that’s why you need to shop them from an app which gives you assured results. Another reason to get good quality seed is to save the cabbage from pests, bacterial and fungal diseases. Therefore, it is essential that you get hold of the best quality seeds for cabbage. All the seed brands available on Farm Key provide genetically modified seeds which are impervious to all damages.

With Farm Key, you can ensure that your crop of cabbage gets the best price in the market. Seeds that are provided on this app have a high value and have been proved very productive for Indian farmers. Cabbage is a vegetable which is cooked and eaten in every season across the nation. If you buy seeds from this app and grow vegetables, you will never face any issue in the crop.



Bitter gourd which is also known as bitter melon, bitter apple or bitter squash is one of the healthiest vegetables. Its scientific name is momordica charantia and it is broadly grown in Asia, Africa and Caribbean. Due to its various health benefits, farmers grow it in a significant amount and buy a lot of melon seeds. It was originated in India and became a part of East Asian, South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine gradually.

With different shapes & bitterness

Bitter Gourd There are many varieties exist in terms of shape and bitterness of the gourd. In 14th century, it was introduced in China and from there, it was taken to various other regions of the world.

Bitter gourd seeds can be easily found online at a very cheaper price than that of physical stores. It is basically a tropical and subtropical vine of Cucurbitaceae family and grows upto 16 ft in length.

It also gives a very distinct kind of leaf which bears seven different lobes. Like all the other plants, gourd also has male and female flowers which are yellow in color. If you want to buy bitter gourd seeds, then you must do it online with Farm Key app. This particular vegetable has an oblong shape and warty exterior. However, the Chinese variant of bitter gourd is lighter in color and in bitterness as well.

Cooked in various cuisines

Flowering and fruiting time for bitter melon differs from region to region, like in the northern hemisphere, it happens from June to July and September to November respectively. Farm Key gives you the best options, if you want to buy bitter gourd seeds online. It is commonly known as ‘Karela’ in India and cooked in different variety across the nation. In Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal as well, it is known by the same name.

In India, it is cooked in different varieties across the nation. In North India, it is often served with stuffed spices, which is known ‘bharva’. In South Indian cuisine, it is mostly cooked with grated coconuts to reduce the bitterness. Above all, the juice of bitter gourd is consumed across the globe for its health benefits. In other South-Asian cuisine as well, bitter gourd is served in a variety of dishes.

Profitable for every farmer

Some cook it with coconut milk and some also serve it with dried meat or shrimps. Apart from the cuisine, bitter gourd has significant health benefit, for it has been used to make herbal medicines for a very long time in Asia and Africa. It is used to treat a number of ailments such as diabetes, ulcer, rheumatism, skin diseases, cough and respiratory diseases as well. It has played a significant part in the traditional medicines of India.

For the modern medicine as well, bitter gourd has been used widely for the treatment of infections, fever, diabetes, HIV and AIDS. By planting bitter gourd, farmers can ensure great profits as it is widely consumed in various parts of the world. Get the best quality seeds of this vegetable from Farm Key and imagine lush green vegetation which would be heavily encashed with great price in the markets.


Bottle gourd is an all season vegetable which is grown and eaten throughout the year by Indians. Due to its health benefits, it is also used for making juices which help in various ailments. Therefore, it is essential to get the best quality bottle gourd available in the market. It is one of the most cooked vegetables of India, which is also recommended by doctors, which makes its consumption really high and demand is perennially on rise.

Vegetable with best health benefits

It is must that farmers get the top quality bottle gourd seeds so that they provide the best thing in the market. There are ample of seed suppliers available in India, but particularly for this vegetable, you must go for the best brands such as Anokhi, Swikar, Mahy 8 and Mahyco.
This is a very valuable vegetable especially for the biggest vegan population of India, it is healthy and also cheaper as compared to other veggies.
Farm Key is an agriculture app which helps you get the topnotch quality bottle gourd seeds online at very reasonable prices. This app has been designed and developed for the benefit of Indian farmers who are heavily dependent on vegetables like bottle gourd for maintaining regular income. By giving them good quality seeds at cheaper price, it helps them get more opportunities to sell in the markets at higher rates.

Perennially consumed everywhere

This app helps you buy bottle gourd seeds at cheapest price with many other benefits. It allows farmers to earn profits as they are able to get the best bottle gourds. Shiny and shimmery bottle gourds with lush green tint allure you so much that you cannot help buy them. If farmers use the seeds available on this app, then they will surely earn great profits no matter which season they are producing it, the quality of vegetable will key their income steady.

Calabash, white-flowered gourd, long melon, New Guinea bean and Tasmania bean are the various other names of bottle gourd. Apart from India, it is consumed almost in each part of the world in different forms. In many places, it is also dried and used as a utensil, it is found in a great variety of shapes. In India, we most get to see a long and cylindrical bottle gourds. It is widely used for making curries and also for some sweet dishes.

Get the best quality seeds now

In India, it is often cooked with channa dal (Bengal Gram) and served as a curry with rice or chapati.  It is believed that bottle gourd was originated in southern Africa. However, with the long history of human migration, it travelled every continent and is now grown almost everywhere. It is one of the most ancient veggies that we have been consuming or using in different ways for thousands of years and is still a part of our food plate.

Farm Key makes this amazing vegetable available to our farmers in the form of seeds that are best in quality. With the great quality seeds available on this app, farmers won’t have to worry unproductive flowers. They won’t have to employ hand pollination and other methods to ensure a healthy crop. The products available on this app assure of great yield both in terms of quality and quality, so buy these quality seeds right now.




With the help of farm apps, you can easily buy agriculture products online now. These platforms are going to make the lives of our Indian farmers easier. They are providing the best farming material at a very reasonable price. Farmers were never benefitted this way before, it is a beginning of a new era for Indian agriculture. The induction of these apps has already started to show their effects, farmers are now able to get hold of valuable products.

Distributing benefits to farmers

Farm key is one such app with which agriculture product online shopping has been made very easy. It works real hard to make farmers recipient of the benefits of modern technology that brings efficiency in farming. This app is able to reach the farthest places in India where even roads haven’t. And it also delivers products to every corner of this country with all the advantages that e-commerce platforms convey to their customers.

Buying agriculture products online will now give out various benefits, farmers will be able to get hold of the most reliable brands such as Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause are the most authentic brands for hybrid and genetically modified seeds in India. Farm Key makes all of this available to our farmers at a very reasonable price and ensures that they get benefitted through it.

Encouraging online seed shopping

This app encourages agriculture product online shopping in India, with all benefits that you couldn’t imagine earlier. Farm Key has upscales the advantages of e-commerce for Indian farmers. It makes agrarian growth of our country very sharp and high with equal interests distributing to the farmers. This platform understands the plight of our farmers and makes them earn handsomely with better rate of production.

Online shopping for agricultural products in India is going to bring a new era of digital revolution. It would add millions of Indian farmers in the growing of digitalization and e-commerce, generating ample of opportunities for everyone. With this combination of technology, our farmers would definitely see the utopia in their occupation and lives. It would not only ameliorate the lives of our farmers, but also increase the country’s GDP.

Contributing to nation’s agrarian growth

Agriculture suppliers in India have also struggled a lot to provide quality material to the farmers. But now, they have received a platform through which they can raise a helping hand towards farmers. They have got a place from where they can enhance their reach and make profits as well. It has always been a niche market for them but it is definitely widening now and giving more options to consumers with more benefits.

Farm Key lets you buy quality seeds online in India with various other benefits, it makes the best farming products accessible for farmers. This platform takes care of our farmers and puts every effort in making their income levels, it succeeds in doing that and does an extraordinary job in bringing a smile onto the faces of our farmers. With this app, the agricultural rise of this country will surely with far-reaching effect.


Today, farming is easiest than ever with the science and technology which has made it much more adaptable. Buy agriculture products online and make your farming easier with world-class farming material that assures better harvest with higher prices in market. These apps make farming so easy that anyone can adapt it as hobby and turn it into profession as it will actually give out significant profits.

Making benefits reach every farmer

Farm key is a mobile app which promotes agriculture product online shopping and helps Indian farmers access biotechnology invented for their benefits.  This is an app which takes making the benefits reach the farmers very seriously and it makes every possible effort to achieve it. This app aims to turn farming into a profitable and ever-green occupation, for our farmers, this platform would surely be a boon.

Finding agriculture products online is not big deal anymore, but making them reach distant places where most of our farmers live is a considerable task. This platform has resolved this issue with massive network that reaches out to our farmers far and wide. This app makes everything possible with a large number of choices gives for each category of products i.e. seeds, pesticides and fertilizers.

Putting farmers in a better state

Agriculture product online shopping in India is now easier with the advent of e-commerce into farming. It has paved a way for the farming material to reach our farmers at a very reasonable price which was otherwise not possible. The motto of this app is make every farmer across the country aware of the advantage he/she can get out of it. With this app, it is now possible for them grow better and earn higher.

Online shopping for agricultural products in India has now become very simple with this app. It has made online shopping for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides easier as compared to various other apps offering the same service. With this app, it is now very easy to get hold of farming material and have them delivered to your home alongwith benefits like money back guarantee, free shipping and cash on delivery.

Get the best suppliers here

This app has brought together some of the finest agriculture suppliers of India such as Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause. They have been giving the best quality seeds for the farmers across the country and now, Farm Key makes their products easily available over the app at a very reasonable price. This app begins a new chapter in Indian agriculture with many benefits.

Buy quality seeds online in India from Farm Key and make yourself a rich farmer as this app gives you opportunity to earn heftily. This platform gives every farmer a chance to enhance their earning and lead a successful life. It enables them to get the best out of technology in every manner and make use of it in the most prolific manner. This app helps our farmers achieve what they have always dreamt of.



Buying agriculture products online is now very easy and it is full of benefits to the buyer. With the help of Farm key, now you can get the best products delivered on your home. It is winter season right now and it is best for some green vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and many others. On this app, you get premium seeds for cabbage, tomatoes, green chilly, cucumber and many other vegetables and cereals.

With a vast variety of products

Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause, these are some of the most reliable brands for seeds in India that Farm key makes available to farmers easily at a cheaper price. Agriculture product online shopping is an emerging firmament within e-commerce and it is spreading rapidly. It is surely a new beginning for the entire nation as our farmers will get benefitted to the most.

Agriculture products online are much cheaper and more authentic than the ones you get in the stores. This app gives access to our Indian farmers to millions of products that they can never get hold of in a physical store. Seeds, pesticides and fertilizers are the products that they can access on this app, all these products are of superior quality. The farming would never be same using these products and they will be profited hugely.

New era in Indian agriculture

Agriculture product shopping in India is going to see a new phase altogether with this app. Using this app, farmers will be able to seize the biggest profits they have been devoid of for centuries. They will be abounding in wealth with the help of genuine farm material that we provide. This app is a gamechanger in Indian agriculture and it would put our farmers on the front of our economy, making them drive the nation to success.

Online shopping for agricultural products in India is now very easy with Farm key. This app provides farmers exposure to technology, with its helps, they are now able to get familiar with mobile apps because it gives something they can relate to. Unlike, the other e-commerce platforms that sell things do not have anything to do with farming, this app gives exactly what farmers want, rise of Indian farmers is certain with it.

Bringing the best to farmers

Farm key has tie-ups with agriculture suppliers that are making efforts to bring ease into our farmers’ lives. Their efforts are now corroborated with this app and this is going to give fruitful results to Indian agriculture. With this app, it is now possible to imagine farmers’ well-being which is missing for very long. Our farmers will rise above the lines of poverty and will see a new era, they will start a new revolution with this platform.

Buy quality seeds online in India with Farm key and see how your fields turn a treasure trove. With this app, it would be possible to make every field a profit-bearing piece of land. This app is the future of Indian agriculture and it would put every benefit across them. Farming would turn into a profitable occupation and people would be willing to take it up as career. The best benefits will come to our farmers with this app.


Farm key is a farm app which lets you explore the biggest dimensions of agriculture with products that help you excel in farming. It provides the best in class seeds, fertilizers and pesticides with which the productivity of your farming would be multiplied manifold. This is an agriculture app which does much more than just providing the material, it helps the farmers get familiar with the widening world of e-commerce.

New beginning for Indian farmers

It lets them take advantage of the benefits provided by this steadily growing domain. Online seed shopping is a growing firmament in India and it would connect every farmer of this country. Through this, farmers are now able to choose what is suited for them in terms of what they want to grow and how much they want to spend on it. It is a new beginning for Indian agriculture and would it much ahead than one can imagine.

With the help of this app, farmers belonging to the farthest areas will be able to get hold of benefits that are right now provided to urban folks only. This app has put expeditious efforts in covering the areas which are normally ‘out of grid’ for e-commerce platforms. It has ensured that the app and its benefits reach every single farmer of the country. This platform makes sure that the best products are meted out to each farmer.

Extensive and inclusive approach

A widely extensive and inclusive approach makes this app which lets farmers buy agriculture products online. It takes care of their profits and earning with the topmost priority, that’s why it reaches out to them with agriculture suppliers that are providing the best material at the lowest price. To buy quality seeds online in India is no big deal anymore with the help of Farm key, this app lets you do everything you want.

If you want to buy quality seeds online in India, then you must shop seeds, pesticides and fertilizers only on Farm key. This app promotes agriculture product online shopping and gives out its benefits to every single farmers in the most accessible manner. It aims to bring ease and comfort in the lives of Indian farmers. And it succeeds in reaching out to farmers and dispensing all the advantages of e-commerce to our farmers.

Online seed shopping at its best

Online shopping for agricultural products in India was never so easy before. Farm key makes the experience of online seed shopping extremely easy for our farmers. It makes viewing the products very easy and it can easily work even with least connectivity. The app and the website, both are designed keeping in mind that buying and getting the delivery of products. With this app, farmers will lead a lucrative and happy life.

Each and every season would be profitable for them and this app would be a rainmaker for them. This platform would open the doors for limitless profits for Indian farmers, it would turn their toilsome occupation into a highly remunerative job. With this app, they would see maximum profits coming their way and there would no setback for them. It is a beginning of a new era which would be celebrated to farmers nationwide.


For most people, farming is believed to be a tiresome occupation which generates less income and takes much more toiling. For the most part, it has actually been true for many farmers, but this notion could be fundamentally changed if farming is done tactically. The end-result of farming is outcome of months of hardwork and patience, and if the yield disappoints you, then it is the worst thing that a farmer could think of.

Saving efforts & money of farmers

Thanks to modern science, we now have ways to assure that the yield will not be spoilt and the efforts will not be nullified. We now have advanced technology stepped into agriculture in the form of implements, scientifically processed seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. These things have helped farmers enhance the productivity and profit both to a bigger margin. However, in India, it has been difficult for the farmers to get hold of such material.

Even if they are available in the market, farmers have to pay a hefty price to acquire them. And they also have to travel to distant places to get tools, fertilizers, seeds and pesticides. But now, their struggle to get good farming products has come to an end with the advent of agriculture apps. E-commerce has become an integral part of urban lifestyle, but the same cannot be said people living in rural areas.

Multiplying production & earning both

There are multiple reasons behind this, apart from the issues of reaching distant places, e-commerce platform also didn’t offer the most essential thing to the farmers. And this is what, Farm key has achieved in doing. It is a farm app which reaches fairly distant places to make things available which are necessary for our farmers. This platform will make our farmers familiar with online shopping for agricultural products in India and disburse its profits to them.

Farm key makes the most authentic and reliable brands available to farmers at a very reasonable price. This app is dedicated to Indian farmers and it puts every effort to make their lives simpler. With this app, farmers will be able to multiply their production and augment the earning. It gives you access to seed brands that have always resulted well for our farmers such as Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro and Nunhems.

Ensuring success to farmers

These are the most trusted brands for Indian farmers and Farm key ensures that they get access to all such brands. Moreover, you can order with a wide choice of prices and variety. Farmers can opt for all types of seasonal vegetable or an evergreen cereal. Whatever they want will be available on this app and they will get it delivered at a very cheaper price at their doorsteps. They will be able to pay in cash upon the delivery.

Farm key is indeed a boon to Indian agriculture as it takes the level of farming way ahead. This app gives all the advantages to farmers that they should get, it brings ease and gains into their lives. It gives them plenty of options to choose from which they can’t get in any physical store. This app would make farming simpler, efficient and cost-effective for every Indian farmer.


For a farmer, every harvest is precious as it is his primary source of earning. Therefore, our farmers need to be very careful when choosing the seeds and other material needed for farming. Many adulterated products make their way into markets and retailers do not give a second thought before selling those faulty products to innocent farmers. The result is forborne by farmers who suffer losses due to spoilt harvest.

Forwarding privileges to farmers

That’s why, it is now time to empower Indian farmers with the privilege to choose the best products at their convenience. Thankfully, e-commerce has made its way into agriculture and now giving options to farmers to choose what they want for their fields. It is the perfect to come up with such an initiative as internet and smartphones are reaching the farthest regions of our country.

Farmers are now getting familiar with technology and agriculture apps would fulfill their most basic need. It is indeed a great effort which is going to be very fruitful for our farmers. With the same motto, Farm key has introduced it farm app, which works for the benefit of Indian farmers. This mobile app would enable them to get hold of the best farming material with limitless choices of variety, brands and prices.

World-class farming products

Seminis, Mahyco, Rasi, Sungro, Nunhems, Pahuja, Takii, Namdhari, Golden and Clause are some of the best brands which provide quality seeds across the nation. Farm key lets our farmers to choose from these reliable brands, it would save them from buying the fraudulent products which cause heavy losses to them. In addition to that, it would provide all those products at their home, which means they won’t have to spend money on travel which they do for collecting farming material.

E-commerce has emerged as a phenomenon which is getting bigger day by day. Farm key ensures that all the advantages that consumers get from the e-commerce platforms are accessible to farmers as well. The most basic services are cash on delivery, hassle-free returns and free shipping, all of these amenities will be enjoyed by our farmers no matter how far they reside.

Multiplying profits of farmers

This app has tried to take the combination of technology and agriculture a level further. It focuses on making agriculture products online and its results more achievable for our farmers. Using this app, farmers will be able to get the finest quality seeds, pesticides and fertilizers at the most economical price. Moreover, they would get all the privileges that a regular online shopper enjoys.

Farmkey is not just an app, it is an endeavor to make farming more profitable and adaptable. It is an effort to make our farmers earn more with greater yields in terms of quantity and quality both. With this app, Indian farmers will be able to multiply their income manifold. It would open the doors to many opportunities that farmers have been missing due to unsatisfactory yield and lesser profits.